How to make dreadlocks from kanekalon

How to make dreadlocks from kanekalon
Dreadlocks – is not just an element of fashion, it is a special perception of the world. One day, the god Jah will descend to earth and pull out all "his" for dreadlocks into a bright future. But how to become a happy owner of dreadlocks and not to spoil the hair? For this, today there are safe dreadlocks, which are quite simple to make at home.

You will need
  • канекалон – 2-3 упаковки, в зависимости от желаемой длины, толщины и количества дредов
  • comb with small denticles
  • scissors
  • hair straightener
  • damp cloth
  • thin gum
Отделяем небольшую прядь канекалона, сгибаем пополам и перевязываем место сгиба резинкой. Закрепляем прядку за подручные предметы (стул,стол,кровать…) так, чтобы она не двигалась.

We begin to comb the comb with one of the halves of the strand. To do this, we move the comb along the curl up and down, so that gradually our kneading turns into a uniform knuckle. To make the dreads more qualitative and smooth, this step should be given special attention.

Когда наш колтун достаточно спутался, можно начинать его скручивать. Дредину лучше держать ближе к низу, скручивая аккуратно так, чтобы она получалась равномерной по толщине.

Next, you need to dab our dreadlocks with a damp cloth. After that we take a heated rectifier and begin to carefully process the curl, stopping at each section of 2-3 seconds. When the dreadna straightened up and fixed, repeat the whole procedure from the 2 step.

After the dreading is ready completely (2 halves), you can trim the scissors with hairs.

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