How to make depilation at home

How to make depilation at home
Epilation (depilation) at all times was relevant for women. Many centuries ago, representatives of the fair sex got rid of the vegetation on the body with the help of sugar, fire (yes, some people's hair on the body just scorched), wooden tweezers, thread with cleverly tied knots and other devices. Today, women have better ways of removing hair.

Wax: Remove hair on the body with a wax. This is easy to do in domestic conditions. Приобретите в магазине специальную смесь для депиляции, внимательно ознакомьтесь с инструкцией и действуйте. Выбирая воск, ориентируйтесь на свой тип волосяного покрова. Some remedies are designed to remove thick coarse hair, while others are for thin cannon (for example, such as over the upper lip of the majority Women). The disadvantages of the method are the possible appearance ingrown hair after a while after epilation.

Электрический эпилятор:Существуют специальные devices for removal of undesirable vegetation on foot and the body. They are called electroepilators. Using a set of tweezers located on the head of the device, the hair is removed from the root and grows again only after a few weeks. The disadvantages of the method are the painfulness of the procedure.

Cream-depilatory: There are also available on the sale products for home hair removal, called depilatory creams. They consist из специальных химических веществ, разрушающих структуру волоса. После нанесения крема на волосяной покров по истечении нескольких минут растворенные средством волосы просто исчезают. Минусы способа – недолговечность результата и специфический запах ингредиентов средства.

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