How to make curls rectifier

How to make curls rectifier
Charming curls that give an image of romance can be done not only with the help of hair curlers or curlers. To create such a hairstyle, professionals have long used a straightener or hair iron, which allows you to form curls of varying degrees of winding.

You will need
  • – Shampoo;
  • – a towel;
  • – hairdryer;
  • – hair straightener;
  • – термозащитное средство;
  • – wax for hair;
  • – comb;
  • – hair spray.
Wash your head with the usual shampoo, using a balm rinse if necessary. Then pat the hair with a towel and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer or naturally. Thanks to clean strands, your hair will be light and neat. In addition, wind on the rectifier it is recommended only dry hair, otherwise you can easily ruin your hair.

Нанесите на волосы термозащитное средство, чтобы защитить их от высокой температуры выпрямителя. Затем возьмите немного воска для укладки, разотрите его в ладонях и нанесите на пряди, чтобы будущие кудряшки продержались как можно дольше. Воск также можно наносить и на уже накрученные пряди. Для этого нужно смазать в средстве палец и накрутить на него локон.

Put the iron on the right temperature, given the structure of the hair. For thin and weak, not too high a temperature, but thick is better to wind at 200оС.

Carefully comb hair and make parting in the right place. Separate from the head of a small strand, squeeze it straightener, retreating from the roots of 5 cm, and then quickly wind the strand on the device. After this, gently sweep the iron down, as well as when straightening.

Накрутите подобным образом все волосы, а потом сбрызните созданную прическу лаком, чтобы закрепить результат. Проводить по кудряшкам расческой нельзя, иначе они потеряют свою форму. Однако вы можете аккуратно поправить их руками.

Use a different, easier way. To do this, separate from the total mass of hair a thin strand and twist it into a light tourniquet. Slowly sweep the rectifier from top to bottom, hold it for a few seconds, and then release it. As a result, you will get very beautiful spiral curls, although not as smooth as when using the first method.

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