How to make curls on short hair

How to make curls on short hair
Short hair can look as luxurious as long, if you know how to curl it. And no matter how long your hair is, you can curl them in many ways. Small, elastic curls will give you a young, fussy look. Sexuality will also add "cold" waves.

The easiest way to curl short hair – use forceps for curling a small diameter. Just wrap the strands around the heated barrel ploys, hold for a minute, and then release. Then do the same with the next strand. After this, lay hair по вашему вкусу. После этого, чтобы сохранить кудри на месте, нанесите на них лак для volos. Lucky for hair выпускаются различных видов. То есть, если вы хотите, чтобы ваши кудри свободно развивались, выберите лак легкой фиксации. Или если вы желаете, чтобы ваши локоны оставались на месте весь день, то better select lacquer strong fixation – so your hair will stay in place and will look good all day long.

If your short hair is naughty, you can try gel for hair or mousse, before using curling irons. If you have Thin hair, select the mousse that will add the volume.

Вы также можете нанести on the hair gel or mousse and put them in a round brush. Wrap small strands of hair around the brush, holding for a minute, and then unfold. Let your hair dry naturally or dry it with a hair dryer.

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