How to make curls on hair

How to make curls on hair
Many women are willing to spend a lot of time and money to make curls on the hair. After all, curls will give the appearance of lightness and playfulness. They will be an excellent end to both the everyday and the evening image. There is at least an 3 way to make curls on your hair at home.

How to make curls curling

Make curls on hair curling — это, пожалуй, самый быстрый способ, проверенный годами. Сейчас в продаже имеются различные плойки, позволяющие сделать как крупные локоны, так и мелкие кудряшки.

It is important to understand that the curling spoils the structure of the hair. therefore ringlets in this way you need infrequently.

Curl it is necessary only clean and dry hair. It is necessary to apply a thermal protective agent and any styling means for fixing. Strands for curling should be taken small, then the hair will curl faster. Plait should be kept on the hair no more than 15 sec. After all the hair is curled, you need to sprinkle them with varnish and do not comb. The curls made by the curling will last for several hours.

In no case should you use a curling iron for women with weak, dry and brittle hair.

How to make curls ironing

Curl hair ironing very similar to a curling welt. But when using ironing, you get three-dimensional curls. For laying you will need a narrow iron with a rounded shape. Also it is necessary to acquire a varnish, a foam or a mousse for hair and a thermal protective means.

In order to curl the curls on the iron, you need to grab the strand near the root, wrap it around the ironing and start gently pulling down. Do not make sudden movements or stop movement. Otherwise, the curls can turn out with kinks.

How to make curls on curlers

The most gentle way of curling hair is curlers. For their use, there are no contraindications, hair curlers do not spoil the hair structure, and the effect lasts quite a long time. The only drawback is to wind hair in advance. It's best to curl the hair on the curlers from the evening and sleep with them.

On sale you can see a lot of different curlers. Differences in them can be both in size and in the material. The most convenient are foam rubber curlers. Sleep on them will not be uncomfortable.

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