How to make curls

How to make curls
Every woman at least once in her life dreamed of a luxurious curly hair. Locks impart a hairstyle not only chic, but also some femininity and romanticism. Wherein curls can be either large or small. However, it is preferable to have middle curls resembling spirals, they go to almost all the fair sex.

You will need
  • For this it is necessary to have at hand a means for creating curls or styling, a thin comb, a hair dryer with a diffuser and hair curlers.
Better делать hairstyle на чистых hair, so before creating curls you should wash your head. Then on slightly damp hair apply mousse to packing or a special tool for creating curls. After that, we dry the hair with a hair dryer with a diffuser.
How to make curls

Теперь приступаем к непосредственному созданию локонов. Для начала возьмите тонкий гребень и сделайте пробор. Выбор пробора зависит от формы лица, глаз, а иногда от привычки или настроения, поэтому не бойтесь экспериментировать.
Щипцами сделайте небольшие curls. Для этого возьмите небольшую прядь volos and wind it on the curling iron. You should retreat from the roots somewhere 10-12 centimeters. Keep the lock on the forceps should not be more than 5-10 seconds, otherwise you can break their structure.
Handle the tongs with care, do not let them come in contact with the skin

После того, как локоны готовы немного распушите их hands. Do not comb your head if it seems to you that the comb is after all need, то проведите два или три раза по волосам редкой расческой.

To fix the curls, you can spray on the hair lacquer.

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