How to Make Cream

How to Make Cream
At home, you can to make a cream, possessing not only the texture of the cream from the store, but also a number of useful properties, due to the presence of natural ingredients in the recipe.

You will need
  • Ценные растительные масла косметического назначения (твердые и жидкие)
  • Emulsifier (beeswax, Polawax emulsion wax or 68 Montana emulsifier)
  • Distilled water
  • Загустители (цетиловый спирт, гуаровая камедь, Симульгель 600 и др.)
  • Moisturizers (hyaluronic acid, glycerol, D-panthenol)
  • Active components (vitamins, plant extracts, alcohol tinctures)
  • Essential oils
Текстура крема
Make a home cream can be based on conventional sour cream, cream or gelatin. Such a homemade cream will certainly be useful, but it will never have the texture of an industrial cream. Therefore, not every modern woman will put aside the easy-to-use cream from the store and will Cook крем по бабушкиным рецептам.
Consequently, the manufacture of cosmetic cream, which in no way will be inferior to the industrial cosmetic product, should be carried out from components similar to those used in the manufacture of industrial cream. Instead of synthetic ingredients in home cremation, natural and useful ingredients are used.

Oil and water
In a simplified version, any cream consists of two phases: oil and water, which are combined into a single unit with the help of an emulsifier. An industrial cream is prepared on the basis of mineral oils and silicones, which form a film on the surface of the skin and thereby it is smoothed. In this case, the synthetic components of cosmetics are not able to penetrate deep into the skin, so they should expect only temporary external effect.
The home cream also consists of an oil and water phase, but the oil phase consists of valuable vegetable oils that enrich the skin with the necessary nutrients. Therefore, with the help of home-made cream, you can solve almost any skin problems, and not "cover" them, as happens when using industrial cosmetics. It is enough to just choose the cosmetic and essential oil with the necessary properties. Distilled and mineral water or plant hydrolytes can be used as the aqueous phase.

Cosmetic oils and purified water are not enough: to make the cream in domestic conditions, понадобится эмульгатор, который соединит вместе жиры и воду. В качестве эмульгатора можно использовать натуральный пчелиный воск или специальные эмульгаторы, предназначенные для изготовления домашних кремов. Одним из самых популярных и легких в использовании эмульгаторов является эмульсионный воск Polawax. Именно этот эмульгатор обычно рекомендуют для первых опытов в приготовлении домашних кремов.

Other Ingredients of Cream
The rest of the ingredients are added at will, it all depends on what properties you want to give the cream. So, in addition to one basic emulsifier in the formulation of home creams, it is desirable to administer co-emulsifiers or thickeners. For example, cetyl alcohol or guar gum. These supplements are absolutely safe for health, and in addition to stabilizing the texture of the cream also have a moisturizing effect on the skin. In addition, when making creams, you can and even need to use essential oils, fat-soluble vitamins, herbal extracts and moisturizing ingredients.
Acquire all components for home cream is best in specialized online stores, which are quite a lot today. Something, of course, you can buy in the pharmacy, for example, fat-soluble vitamins A and E. But here are cosmetic oils of good quality, both ethereal and vegetable, in pharmacies are крайне редко.

If you decide to make a cream at home, first master the manufacture of some simple cream, and then enrich its formulation in accordance with the needs of your skin.
Simple turn-based recipe making homemade home cream for normal skin on beeswax:
a. Melt on a water bath 5 grams of butter cocoa and 5 gram of shea butter (karite). In a separate dish, melt 5 grams of beeswax
b. Till solid oil and wax melt, pour into one cup 20 ml jojoba oil and 20 ml sesame oil, в другую чашку – 40 мл дистиллированной воды. Нагрейте обе чашки на водяной бане, но не сильно. Вода и жидкие масла должны стать немного горячее, чем температура тела.
с. Постепенно добавляйте в расплавленный воск небольшое количество нагретых жидких масел и тщательно все размешивайте. Затем добавьте в смесь нагретую воду. Продолжайте размешивать смесь, пока она не загустеет. В конце добавьте в крем 10 капель эфирного масла лаванды и еще раз тщательно все перемешайте.

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