How to make cosmetics in 2018 year

How to make cosmetics in 2018 year
The shelves of shops are full of all sorts of creams, masks and other cosmetic tricks. However, to choose the funds that are suitable for your skin, it is quite difficult, and the price of such products is also not pleasing to the eye. It's not even considering the fact that most creams contain chemicals that are not very useful for the skin. The way out of this situation is – try to prepare cosmetics yourself from natural ingredients!

Молочко цветочное
It is a gentle exfoliating agent that cleanses and tones up the skin, and also removes inflammation.
В стеклянную банку сложите 2 столовых ложки лепестков роз, 1 столовую ложку цветков ромашки, 1 столовую ложку лаванды. Добавьте туда 1 столовую ложку растительного глицерина и 90 мл. свежего milk.
На ночь уберите молочко в холодильник. Утром процедите и перелейте в плотно закрывающуюся посуду.
Shake well. Wet a cotton pad in this milk, wipe the face 2-3 times. Rinse your face with water. Keep the product in the refrigerator and remember that the product must be fully used within a week – it can not be stored longer.

Скраб с корицей
Such scrub will make your skin clean, soft and smooth. Almond flour will not tolerate irritation, and cinnamon possesses disinfecting effect.
2 tablespoons almond flour, finely ground, 1 tablespoon rice flour, 2 teaspoon sugar powders and ? teaspoon cinnamon mix, add to them natural yogurt and mix until consistency pastes.
Massage lightly around the face with this mixture. Rinse with water.

Mask with papaya
The mask has an exfoliating action and activates the work of capillaries. This Mask will provide you with a healthy complexion and blush.
Cut half a cup of ripe papaya, add to it 2 teaspoons of honey, 1 a tablespoon of natural yogurt, 2 drops of orange essential Oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix everything thoroughly.
Gently pour the rice flour and stir until the paste is in place. Cover with something and put it away for half an hour in the refrigerator.
Stir and apply a thick layer on the skin of the face and neck, except the area around the eyes. Lie down and hold the mask 15 minutes. Смойте и промокните лицо полотенцем.

Cream their hands
Such a wonderful cream will make your skin healthy and radiant.
Two tablespoons of oil from the hips, 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil, a tablespoon of rubbed beeswax, and the contents of 2 capsules of vitamin E and 2 capsules of evening primrose oil and couple until the wax dissolves.
Remove the mixture from the fire, add a tablespoon of Rescue Remedy, whisking it with a mixer at a low speed until it thickens. Add on 5 drops of Pelargonium oil and rose. Stir. Let it cool down.
Transfer the mixture into a glass jar. Apply as a regular cream, and keep the cream in the refrigerator.

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