How to Make Cool Makeup

How to Make Cool Makeup
Many men think that women's natural beauty without embellishments is very sexy. But this does not mean at all that it is not for the female sex to give up make-up it is necessary completely. The fact is that if the makeup is selected correctly, in the right color scheme and superimposed without excesses, it will only help a man to notice all female dignities faster.

You will need
  • A set of female cosmetics, a good mirror and, of course, time and patience.
Professional makeup are applied as follows: removed mud and skin secretion with a cotton swab, for this you can use special milk.
How to Make Cool Makeup

Apply day cream «spots", Then spread it across the face with stroking movements, do not rinse.

Shadow masking in pencil red пятна, acne etc. Then spread the foundation to your face, starting from the center, gradually moving to other areas.
How to Make Cool Makeup

Apply with a circular brush from the top down the massage lines powder. Apply on the powder dry rouge.
How to Make Cool Makeup

Circle the eyelids with a pencil until the folds, horizontally. Apply mascara by twisting the movements.
How to Make Cool Makeup

Apply a brush with lipstick, from the corners to the center of the mouth. Pull outline with a pencil. Blot your lips with a tissue and apply a second coat.
How to Make Cool Makeup

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