How to make coloring at home

How to make coloring at home
Coloring – is the process of staining individual strands of hair in two or more similar in tone or contrasting hue. It helps to make hair color more interesting and effective, emphasize the structure of the haircut, and sometimes even visually increase the volume.

You will need
  • Кисточка, фольга, оттенки краски для волос, зеркало большое на подставке, расческа, несколько емкостей для краски, емкость для мытья кисти или отдельная кисть для каждого оттенка, нарезанная на кусочки шириной 10 на 20 сантиметров фольга, краска для волос, ненужное полотенце или старая одежда.
Thanks to the wide range of different hair colors available in stores, coloring can be done on your own in domestic conditions. Bring everything you need: a brush, foil and the right shades of hair color. Remember that if you do not want to be disappointed when you see the result, do not skimp on buying quality products from famous brands. It is advisable that all the paints purchased by you are produced by one firm.

Prepare everything you need so you do not have to be distracted to bring something. You need a mirror, and it is desirable that it is large enough and on the stand. Also you will need a comb, several paint tanks, a brush washing container or a separate brush for each shade, cut into pieces 10 wide by 20 centimeters foil, hair dye, an unnecessary towel or old clothes, which it is not a pity to stain.

Prepare the paint by mixing all the ingredients, each shade in its container. In order not to forget which color is where, you can put a box of paint next to the containers.

Separate a small strand, lay a foil under it. The edge at the roots must be bent down. Evenly distribute the paint on the hair, trying not to touch the neighboring strands. Wrap the hair in a foil so that it keeps tight and does not move.

Постепенно прокрашивайте прядки, двигаясь от челки к затылку. Если вы используете только одну кисть, то сначала прокрасьте все прядки одним оттенком, затем вымойте ее, просушите полотенцем и начните прокрашивать волосы другим цветом.

After you have processed all the strands, wait a few minutes for the hair to stain. The waiting time is indicated in the instruction manual for the paint.

Then wash your hair. First, soak them with warm water and rinse thoroughly. Then, soap the head with shampoo, massage the scalp and rinse the hair with foam. Rinse your head with clean warm water and repeat the procedure. After that, apply a special balm, which is usually attached to the paint. If it is not, then use your usual hair conditioner. Once again, thoroughly wash the strands with water and dry them with a towel. Do not use a hair dryer, rub or squeeze hair – just pat them and leave to dry. Staining itself harms the hair, so wash and dry them carefully.

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