How to make chocolate scrub at home

How to make chocolate scrub at home

At the moment I'm learning the basics of making cosmetics in the home conditions, and most recently my first experience of preparing a scrub for a bath was held. The features of this fascinating process, as well as my own feelings when using this product, I want to share.

Scrubs – the most elementary, that you can try to cook yourself. At me process has borrowed from force of minutes ten. I'm a fan of various bath stuff, and I have a lot of money left for them, since I only need organic cosmetics that do not contain various harmful ingredients. And, as it turned out, preparing a scrub for a house bath is a great way to kill several birds with one stone! First, the scrub contains only natural ingredients, and secondly, it costs many times cheaper than the purchased one; thirdly, the cooking process itself does not take much time and is a very pleasant and creative procedure!

I decided to make a "Chocolate Scrub" based on brown sugar, cocoa and olive oil. Prepare it very easily – just mix all the ingredients. An interesting nuance – a ready scrub does not smell of cocoa, as I expected, but with olive oil. This fact, I confess, was a little disappointing, but when I began to apply it on the body in a bath, the aroma, apparently under the influence of high temperature, changed. In the bath, he smelled of cocoa, and after the bath on his skin remained an amazing cinnamon "aftertaste" (cinnamon is also included in the composition).

It seemed to me that the scrub would be dry when applied, since the fraction of the liquid component (oil) is quite small in it. But I did not take into account the fact that the sugar in the bath will melt, and as a result, the processes of application and grinding proved to be very pleasant.

And finally, the result! In addition to the aforementioned fabulous cinnamon flavor, the skin is very pleasant to the touch, moisturized and incredibly smooth!

But tactile sensations, as we all know, are deceptive. And after applying 100% synthetics, the skin can seem to us moisturized and well-groomed. Below I want to list you all the components of the scrub and explain how each of them works.

So, the composition of chocolate scrub for the body is quite simple:

1,5 cups of brown sugar

Brown sugar is unrefined sugar, which has a high percentage of real molasses, which gives it different shades of brown. Since the particles of brown sugar are small enough, this scrub is the best that people with sensitive skin can use for peeling.

2 tablespoons olive oil

The benefits of olive oil can be told for a long time. It not only moisturizes and nourishes our skin, saturates it with vitamins and essential fatty acids, but also protects it from the harmful effects of the environment and promotes the process of cell renewal. Personally, I thought two spoons were not enough, and I added a few more spoons of sunflower oil to them.

Half a tablespoon of cocoa powder

Useful properties of cocoa powder are in its healing and regenerating abilities. In addition, cocoa contributes to the elasticity of the skin, as well as protects it from ultraviolet rays.

Half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon

This fragrant spice is primarily known for its antioxidant effect. Also, cinnamon has antiseptic properties, it cleans the skin well and improves its color.

Not bad at the end of the cooking process, add half a teaspoon of vitamin E to the scrub. This ingredient will not only benefit the skin, but will also act as a natural preservative.

The prepared scrub should be stored in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator. It is important not to allow water to enter the container, otherwise the scrub may deteriorate. If all the conditions are met, the scrub will last 2-3 weeks, giving you positive emotions, and your skin is firm and gentle.


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