How to make caviar manicure

How to make caviar manicure
Caviar manicure is a relatively new kind of manicure. Look marigolds with such a manicure is definitely unusual and original!

You will need
  • – varnish in the color of broth
  • – bouillon (eggs, beads, beads)
  • – clear nail polish
  • – plastic cup
  • – an orange stick or toothpick
  • – fan brush
To make a manicure. Next you need to cover the nails with a base. Dry the base. Take a colored lacquer and also cover your nails and wait until it dries. The varnish should be taken almost color in color with the color of the broth.

Next, apply one more layer of colored varnish to one nail and immediately sprinkle the nail with the broth. You need to do this over a saucer or a cup so that you can later easily collect the broth and pour it back into the jar. At the edge of the nail and near the cuticle, it is necessary to align the broths with an orange stick so that everything looks smooth and neat. With a slight push, squeeze the bouillon to the nail, but so that they do not creep apart.

Do the same with the nails, which need a "spawn effect." You can put caviar, bouillon on one nail, two nails or on each nail.
In stores are sold bouillons of the most varied sizes, but for caviar manicure is best fit bouillons of minimal size.

Next, close the edges of the nail with a clear varnish, but do not apply the top to the caviar itself. Caviar manicure will last 2-3 days. If you want to prolong the life of a manicure, then you can cover with top over the broth, but then the effect of texture will be lost.

Caviar manicure can be worn on everyday days, but in this case it is better to apply caviar on one or two nails and choose calm colors of varnish and broth. And on the way out or on holidays, caviar manicure can be diversified with other nail design. And it will also be important to use colorful "eggs" or bouillon.

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