How to make bristles

How to make bristles
As practice shows, men with bristles are more lucky in women's attention, as their face looks more manly and mature. If you want to attract women beautiful and well-groomed vegetation on your face, remember a few tips.

As a rule, men, having passed the period of maturation, grow bristle is not difficult. But it happens that by virtue of heredity, the axis bristles on the face is very weak, and therefore hair растут мягкие и редкие.

Therefore, so that the bristles grow thick and evenly, eat properly. Eat foods rich in calcium, for example, fish, dairy products, cottage cheese, and nuts.

Take a vitamin complex that is responsible for growth volos. These are vitamins K, D, calcium, biotin, which strengthen not only the hair, but also nails, as well as teeth. Therefore, becoming a possessor of bristles, you also strengthen your health as a whole.

Be active. General motor activity speeds up metabolic processes, triggers the development and growth of the body, and this is manifested, among other things, in hair growth. Your skin should breathe, so go in for sports, especially running, swimming, buy a bicycle and rollers. Having achieved a beautiful bristle, you also increase your physical attractiveness.

Давний совет shave often hair, though not unreasonable, but still has unwanted aftermath. The bristles will really grow stronger, the more often you shave it. But at the same time, most likely, you can not avoid constant irritation on the face, which, you will agree, is unlikely to add women's attention to you.

But, if in spite of possible deterioration of the skin, you are ready to shave daily, stock up with emollients and moisturizers for the face, be sure to use foam. In a complex, this will reduce the risk of getting painful irritation. But remember, it's better to solve problems from within.

Address to the endocrinologist or trihologu, and they will appoint or nominate to you a course of stimulation of body height of hair, and also reception of hormonal agents if the analysis of level of man's hormones will appear below norm is possible. All these procedures are very serious, therefore, find competent specialists whom you completely trust.

Having achieved the desired bristle, do not forget care for her. Track the moment when the light three-day bristles go into beard, it does not always look pretty. Do not forget to trim the stubble, creating a suitable shape for you.

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