How to Make Body Wraps

How to Make Body Wraps
Even at home, from wraps, you can achieve good results. The effect manifests itself quickly, but it is necessary to take into account all the features of this cosmetic procedure, to choose the correct cosmetic means.

You will need
  • Средство для обертывания, скраб, пищевая пленка, одеяло, крем.
First you need to find a tool for wrapping. If this is your first experience, then, of course, it is better to consult a cosmetologist or to study the relevant literature. This is a very important step, because the wrapping agent should not only fit the skin type, but also justify your expectations: elasticity, stretch marks reduction, anti-cellulite effect or simply moisturizing.

It is necessary to carefully prepare your skin for wrapping. For this it is best to take advantage of sauna or a bath, you can, of course, do with the usual bath or hot shower. After you have warmed up the skin well, you can start cleaning the pores. For this purpose it is convenient to use a special body scrub.

After cleansing, you can go directly to applying to the skin wrapping agents. This is convenient to do with a special spatula or brush. The agent is applied only to problem areas of the body, it should cover your skin with a thick enough, dense layer.

В Home conditions it is very convenient to use for wrapping a wide food film. It needs to be reeled up so that it fits tightly around your body, but do not over tighten the film too much. This can disrupt the blood flow. After you are wrapped, you can comfortably sit under a warm blanket or rug, for example, in front of the TV. It is important to remember that the holding time of the film should not be more than 1 hour.

After wrapping is complete, remove the remnants of the remedy from the skin and apply your favorite body cream. If you want to achieve a faster result, you can do wraps in a day, if you are not in a hurry, then less often – about once in 3-4 days. Usually the result is noticeable after the tenth procedure. Do not interrupt the course of wraps immediately after you notice the changes, because skin improvement is a fairly long process. If you think that wraps take too much time, then you can simply carry out the procedure less often. The main thing – do not stop there.

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