How to make black shadows

How to make black shadows
The mysterious and attractive black make-up is the prerogative of the dark time of the day and special occasions (parties, celebrations). Makeup artists recommend not to do it hastily, otherwise there is a risk of not getting a passionate and captivating look, but a blurry and vulgar image.

You will need
  • – tonal basis
  • – moisturizing cream
  • – cotton wheels
  • – pencil
  • – powder
  • – Shadows
  • – Ink
Black shadows look perfect on a clean face. If the skin has redness or inflamed pimples, there can be no bright make-up – it will further emphasize your shortcomings.

Align the complexion with a suitable tonal base or transparent powder (so that the shadows hold better, she should lightly powder the eyelids), then proceed to make-up.

Draw the contour pencil upper and lower eyelids along the line of eyelash growth. Use only a black-and-black pencil, otherwise the make-up will look sloppy.

Moisten the area under the lower eyelids with any water-based face cream. The fact is that during the application of the shadow will inevitably be showered, and remove their excess so that under the eyes there are no dark spots, without cream чрезвычайно сложно.

Apply dark shadows on the upper eyelid, thickening the line towards the outer corner of the eye. Try not to go beyond the mobile age: since black color itself attracts attention, its excess risks creating the effect of a "dirty" makeup.

Slightly shade black shadows around the edges, make an imperceptible transition to the eyebrow line with an airy white or light beige shade. If desired, a drop of light shadows can be added to the inner corners of the eye. Use matte shades.

Draw a brush with black shadows along the line of the eyelashes, barely thickening it to the outer corner, which is better to lift it, "connecting" with the line of the upper eyelid. Remove the excess oil from the wool disc.

An obligatory condition for black evening make-up is dyed lashes. Otherwise, the look will not turn out expressive and vivid. Use only black ink, as any other will look inappropriate.

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