How to make beautiful manicure at home

How to make beautiful manicure at home
To make beautiful manicure в domestic conditions you need very little – 40 minutes, a small set of tools and knowledge of the rules for performing classical manicurea. Having mastered the technique of cutting manicurebut, you can always bring your nails in order, without resorting to expensive services of masters.

To perform edging manicureand you will need tweezers or scissors for the cuticle, a nailfile, a hatchet hatchet or a wooden cuticle stick and a nail polish remover. Well, if you have oil to soften the skin around nails.

Start by removing the varnish. Wet cotton in the liquid and apply for a few seconds to the nail, and then erase – the varnish will be removed easily and quickly.

Cut, if necessary, all nails to the same length. To manicure был красивым, не оставляют ногти разной длины.

Chop the nail into a beautiful shape. When sawing, the file is applied to the angle of the nail at an angle of 45 degrees and begins to file only from the nail to the center. If you nail the nails from the center to the corners, the nail will begin to separate. Movement when filing nails should be long, smooth, not need to do abrupt movements. For filing nails choose sapphire or glass nail files, not so badly spoiling nails. Leave the metal nail files to professionals.

When the nails are given the right shape, put warm water in a bowl, drip any soap or just throw a piece of soap. Lubricate the cuticle with cuticle oil and lower the nails into the water for 10 minutes. When the skin around the nail becomes soft and will turn white, можно приступать к следующему шагу – отодвиганию кутикулы.

With the help of a stick or an ax-blade, move with a nail cuticle and slightly move the lateral ridges from the nail. Do these operations it is necessary very carefully, since the cuticle protects the base of the nail, and any damage to it can lead to the growth of the uneven nail.

When the dead skin is removed, take tweezers or scissors and, starting only from the corner of the nail, without tearing the instrument from the nail, cut off the side roller. Cut the side roller, go to the cuticle. Cut very carefully, remembering that you can not cut deeply the cuticle, and the wounded skin will not give beauty manicurey. When the cuticle is cut off, from the second nail corner cut off the lateral roller. Cut the peel at all nails.

To finish trimming manicure, massage the hands with exfoliating cream, rinse and oil the hands with a nutritious cream. If you want to cover your nails manicurelacquer, then remove the fat from the nails, apply firstly the base coat for the varnish, then two layers manicurevarnish and fasten manicure lacquer-fixer.

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