How to make beautiful little eyes

How to make beautiful little eyes
Every girl wants to look attractive, and this can be achieved with the help of decorative cosmetics, even if you have small, expressionless eyes. In this case it is necessary to be patient, because skill comes with experience. You just need to learn how to use what nature has given you, because everyone knows that there are no ugly women.

Before you start applying makeup do not forget to thoroughly clean the skin. Start with the eyebrows, because they make the image feminine. Located low eyebrows reduce eyes, so choose a line that will blend in with the shape of the eyes and face. Eyebrows should also not be thick and wide. Tint the pincer carefully. This is not a very pleasant procedure, but you can not do without it. If you are a blonde girl, then the eyebrows are also likely to be bright. Make them darker with eyebrow and eyelash dye, or use brown in pencil.

Круги под газами – довольно неприятное и частое явление, поэтому нанесите на лицо тонкий слой тонального крема. После чего можно приступать к выбору теней. Визажисты советуют девушкам с небольшими eyesmi to choose their mother-of-pearl shadows, but their number should be minimal, since excessive radiance visually reduces the size of the eyes. Top eyelid cover with light shadows, place under the eyebrow and inner corner eyes tint white color. On the outer contour of the eyes, apply shadows of a darker color, shade them only towards the outer edge eyes.

Black or brown mascara, cover first the upper lashes, then the lower ones. Now with a pencil for eyes light brown, gray or flesh colored, apply to the upper eyelid arrow. In order to visually increase eyes, draw on the inner lower eyelid the line with a white or a solid pencil.

If you have narrow eyes, then draw the arrow with a light pencil from the middle of the upper eyelid toward the outer corner. But it can not be wound further than the edge eyes, that is, it should end at the level of the eyelashes. This will help visually expand eyes. For round small eyes, a narrow thin line of brown or gray hue in the upper eyelid, suit the line for the outline eyes, but as close to the eyelashes.

Накрасить красиво small eyes it is not difficult at all, you just need to become an artist and create masterpieces.

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