How to make beautiful hairstyles

How to make beautiful hairstyles
Streaming, well-groomed hair is the most beautiful and priceless ornament of a woman. Until recently, making beautiful hair was art. Modern women are more often limited to styling, but in special cases lay out hairdos with intricate curls. The simplest laying requires a proper approach, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. First of all, decide which hair styles are right for you, and choose among them the most interesting ones.

You will need
  • – hair spray
  • – Gel
  • – mousse
  • – воск или пенка
  • – hair clips and combs
  • – studs
  • – невидимки
Going to the hairdresser is mandatory. If you have a haircut, it should be in the right shape. Long hair тоже требуют руки wizard, it is necessary to cut the split ends and make out the contour.

For laying you will need a varnish for volos, гель, мусс, воск или пенка. В супермаркетах предлагается большой выбор средств для укладки волос. Что выбрать? Спросите совета у специалиста.

If you will be делать hairstyle for the first time, prepare clamps for hair and combs of various kinds. Clamps of medium length are universal and suitable for any styling. If you are not a professional, then you will need three kinds of combs. A small purging platform for drying, large or medium round, for laying and pulling, a simple single-row, for napping and laying individual strands.

If necessary, store the hairpins, invisible, they should be in the tone of the hair.
Now you are fully equipped, and you can proceed. Styling or hairstyle is done only on clean hair. To wash your hair, use your usual shampoo and balm. Dry your hair with a towel and gently comb. Remember that wet hair is easily injured. Apply a thermal protection agent to your hair.

Using a hair dryer and the comb of the area, dry the hair to a slightly moist state, shaping the future Hairstyles.

On damp hair, apply a styling agent. Armed with a round comb, finish the styling with a hairdryer, giving the necessary volume to the hair and pulling out the hair. Now the hair should be completely dry.

You can correct the shape of the hairstyle with the help of a fleece, although today such a technique is rarely used. Spread out individual strands and fix the result of your work with lacquer. You can leave it that way, or you can add a few strokes using the barrettes, Tape, rubber bands. The main thing is not to overdo it.

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