How to make beautiful eyes with black pencil

How to make beautiful eyes with black pencil
Emphasize the beauty of their eye black woman pencil dreams of every woman – being elegantly and correctly outlined, the eyes become bottomless and attracts admiring men's views. And every fair sex representative can learn this art of make-up.

You will need
  • – paper;
  • – an ordinary pencil;
  • – Eyeliner;
  • – cotton swab;
  • – makeup remover;
Если вам предстоит красить pencil eyes for the first time, then first take a sheet of paper, draw on it the eyes and practice drawing along their contour neat smooth lines with a usual pencil – this will make you feel more confident when creating makeup directly before your eyes.

Take a sharpened soft black eyeliner and draw a neat line directly over the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, at the base of the eyelashes, trying to maximally repeat the natural contour of the eye. Do not make the line too wide – it is better to first draw a narrow line, and then shade it where it will be necessary in accordance with the intended way. The line from the pencil should end with a slight bend upwards – such an arrow makes the eye more open. If desired, you can paint with a pencil and a lower eyelid, but in this case, make sure that the drawn line does not reach the inner corner of the eye – this is permissible only when creating a bright evening image.

If you are the owner of close-planted eyes, then start a line черного карандаша approximately from the middle of the upper eyelid. Do not click on the pencil strongly – in your case the arrow should be soft and not too pronounced. From holding the line in the lower eyelid with closely planted eyes, it is better to give up.

Lead the pencil line all around the ciliary edge and lightly bring it to the temple, if nature has gifted you with round eyes – so your eye section will visually change to almond-shaped. When drawing the arrow to the temple, know the measure – do not make it very long, otherwise it will look defiant. The bottom line in this case may be a bit is omitted.

Make the line of the pencil not too narrow and hold the arrow across the edge of the eyelashes, if your eyes are widely planted on the face – such a visible and dense line will visually make them slightly smaller and give the eyes a special charm.

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