How to make beautiful beams

How to make beautiful beams
The hairstyle in the form of a beam will make your image more feminine, and some of its options are elegant. In addition, the performance of such a hairstyle does not require any special expenses and a lot of time.

If you are preparing for a celebratory event, make a bunch decorated with rims. To do this, wash your head and try to straighten your hair as much as possible with a hair dryer and a brush. Then apply a dried hair remedy for fixation. It can be foam, mousse, lotion or gel for styling. Collect hair in a tail and fasten with an elastic band.

Если у вас длинная и тонкая шея, предпочтительнее будет сделать низкий пучок. А к плоской форме затылка подойдет высокая и объемная прическа. Немного вытяните руками натянувшиеся у лба волосы и обмотайте хвост вокруг резинки таким образом, чтобы он держался свободно.

Fasten the beam with the help of pins and invisible. Then put a thin bezel about a distance of about 4 centimeter from the level of hair growth. Then retreat approximately 5 centimeters and put on the second bezel. Fix the finished hair with a varnish.

To combine with an evening gown, try сделать пучок из волнистых волос. Для этого нанесите пену для укладки на чистые, слегка влажные волосы. После чего уложите их с помощью фена и крупной круглой расчески таким образом, чтобы волосы стали более пышными и гладкими. Возьмите щипцы большого диаметра и оберните вокруг одну из прядей, но не зажимайте, чтобы не получились колечки. Точно так же сделайте все волосы волнистыми.

Finish the strands in a loose tail, fix with an elastic band and pass the hair through it again, but do not pull out the ends. As a result, you should get a loop that will need to be wrapped around the gum, while pointing down. Fasten your hair with hairpins and decorate with a hair clip.

For a daily hairstyle a bundle, made as follows, will work. Comb all the strands back and collect them in a high tail with a thin rubber band, matching the color to the hair. Comb the tail and divide it into thin strands, then make enough loose strands of them. Each flagellum wrap around the gum and fix with the help of hairpins, forming a bundle. Finish your hair with lacquer so that it can last all day.

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