How to make babetta

How to make babetta
Hairstyles in the style of 50-x are gaining popularity every day. Hairstyle babette – the most famous of them. It is named after the film in which Brigitte Bardot starred. You can create this hairstyle yourself, without resorting to the services of a hairdresser.

You will need
  • Comb, elastic, hair spray, hair wax.
Comb hair. If you are the owner of curly locks, then they should be preceded by straighten с using ironing. At the back of the head, gather the hair in a ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. The elastic should be tight and tight, so that the hairstyle keeps well during the day. Then make a haircut on the inside of the tail and fix the result with a varnish for volos.

Turn the tail inwards and kill with invisible ones. Do this in such a way that you can not see the peg afterwards. You can adjust the height and shape of the "babetta" by raising or lowering it. Pay special attention to the outside Hairstyles. Она должна быть smooth и ровной. Для достижения лучшего эффекта нанесите на внешнюю сторону «бабетты» воск for hair, он сгладит все неровности.

If you have a bang, then just pack it. She will make the hairstyle more elegant. The elastic that is at the base of the tail, better Total disguise. Use decorative objects. The result is fixed with a hair spray.

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