How to make arrows

How to make arrows
To advantageously emphasize the outline of the eyes and become similar to the Hollywood divas such as Audrey Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich, one must be able to make "arrows". You can begin to master the skills of eyeliner with a special contour pencil – it is soft, malleable, mistakes made with it, easier to fix. Further on the level of complexity – liquid eyeliner with a brush.

You will need
  • Contour pencil, liquid eyeliner
Очистите кожу around eye. Moisten the cream, the remnants of it – remove. Powder both upper eyelids.

Cleanse the skin around the eyes. Moisten the cream, the remnants of it – remove. Powder both upper eyelids.

Cover one eye, slightly pull back the eyelid. Start рисовать arrow over the upper eyelid. If you have small eyes, the arrow begin to draw from the middle to the outside eyes. Raise it upwards, when it slightly leaves the line of the eye. If the eyes are round, draw a continuous line from the beginning to the end of the eye, and in the middle the line should be slightly thinner than in the flanksAnd Arrows on both sides can extend beyond the eye line at a maximum of 5 mm. If the eyes are set wide, draw a uniform line along the entire length of the eye. If you want to visually round eyes, draw a line from both edges of the eye already than in the middle.

Arrows can be drawn not only in the upper, but also in the lower eyelid. And, simultaneously. However, in the corners of the eyes they do not converge, but go in parallel. You can also do и eyeliner by the inner eyelid, but only – not on narrow eyes.

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