How to make arrows in front of eyes

How to make arrows in front of eyes
Makeup with arrows is in fashion today. They can be colored or classic black, matte, glossy or slightly gleaming. Draw beautiful lines with pencil, liner or eyeliner. Create arrows with a single instrument or combine two makeup products into makeup at once.

You will need
  • – magnifying mirror;
  • – Pencil;
  • – liquid liner;
  • – Base makeup;
  • – Shadows;
  • – brush;
  • – cotton buds.
Choose the right makeup. The easiest way to work is a soft, sharpened pencil. Using liquid piping is more difficult, it requires skill and a firm hand. But this kind of makeup allows you to draw very thin and bright arrows. A compromise option is to apply in the form of a cream or gel. It lies on the skin very gently, and the width of the arrow can be adjusted by pressing the brush.

Decide which arrows you will draw. The choice depends on the makeup style. Wide short arrows with raised tips will successfully complement the image in retro style. Thin lines that do not extend beyond the contour of the eyelids visually increase the density of eyelashes and fit for a discreet daytime make-up. Long straight arrows, widening towards the middle of the century, will increase the eyes and add an image of drama.

For ever, put a thin layer of the base under the make-up. Let it soak and powder the skin. You can apply on the eyelids friable powder shadows of neutral color. In the afternoon, light shades of champagne, cream or cocoa are preferred, in the evening you can try silvery-gray, bluish or green shades.

Arrows need to be drawn in good light. A magnifying mirror will also help you, with its help you can follow the accuracy of the strokes. Lean your elbow on the table – so the hand with the brush will get the right support. First, mark the outline of the future arrow. Draw it with a pencil pencil, which you must first sharpen well. Apply short strokes, placing them close to each other. For convenience, the eyelid can be held with the fingers of the left hand.

Begin to lead an arrow from the inner corner of the eye. After reaching the outer corner, finish the line or extend it to the temple. If you want to create the effect of elongated Egyptian eyes, attach the handle of the brush at a small angle to the outer corner of the upper eyelid. Draw the tip of the arrow, resting on the brush with a pencil. The tip of the line will be smooth and neat. Make sure that the arrows in both eyes are symmetrical.

For daily make-up, a soft pencil arrow is sufficient. However, in the evening, make-up can be made more expressive. Use liquid glossy-black lining. Dip the brush into the vial and repeat the pencil line, holding at the very roots of the eyelashes. Make sure that the eyeliner is not smeared, wash it with a cotton swab. Allow the piping to dry, slightly covering your eyes. To make the hands look even more effective, make up the eyelashes with lengthening black ink. She will not hide the beautiful lines and make the makeup complete.

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