How to make aquamarine

How to make aquamarine
It is not difficult to make aquamakings with your own hands. For this you will need special water-based paints. Aquagrim can be of two kinds – in the form of a dry compressed powder or in a liquid, diluted form. In addition, a set of sponges and brushes will be useful.

For work brushes of different sizes from natural hair, intended for drawing gouache or watercolor. A fine brush with a pointed tip for drawing small details and fine lines is useful, as well as a thick brush with a flat end for applying wide lines.

Before you start, you need to check the colors for an allergic reaction, applying them to a small area of ??the body. Hair should be removed as much as possible from the face, opening the face, and change into clothes, which will not be a pity to stain. Techniques in working with Aquagrim are similar to drawing with watercolor, it is also diluted with water, but the layers are superimposed one upon another after drying, without mixing with each other.

First of all, it is necessary to impose a tone. It should be smooth and even. To do this, wet and wring out the sponge well, there should be no water left in it. Rub it on the paint and light circular movements spread the tone throughout the face. Do not do this with long straight strokes. when dried, they will be noticeable.

Do not forget about the eyelids, first look up and paint the edge of the lower eyelids, and then cover the upper and movable eyelid with the paint. Especially carefully apply the paint on the skin in the folds of the nose, lips and in the corners of the eyes. Make sure that the line of paint on the lower edge of the face was smooth and clear, the tone was evenly distributed over the face, apply aquamarine to the hair growth line.

Then go on to draw the outlines, lines and mask elements. To do this, hold the brush as a pencil, slightly above the bristles, moisten and paint on it with circular strokes. The paint should not drain from the brush. When applying aquamak, the brush should be kept at a right angle to the face. To draw a thick line, put a brush on the skin and, with a slight pressure, draw it, a thin line or dot will come out if you work with the tip of the bristles, barely touching the skin.

A person's face is not a smooth canvas, so you need certain skills to draw on your face. Draw accurately, realizing that in the event of an error, the line drawn can not be deleted and painted again – you'll have to start work from the very beginning.

If you are going to make an aquamak to a child, then the task becomes more difficult doubly. Children are restless, it is difficult for them to sit still for a long time, therefore it will be necessary to work quickly and clearly. In addition, it must be borne in mind that drawing on the face of some particularly sensitive people causes some discomfort.

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