How to make anti-cellulite oil

How to make anti-cellulite oil
To eliminate cellulite is a huge selection of liposome creams. However, their high price does not guarantee either quality or result. And meanwhile, there are several recipes for preparing anti-cellulite oil in the home, and the ingredients that make up it are quite accessible, and the method of application is the same as for the cream.

You will need
  • – Any vegetable oil;
  • – Artemisia vulgaris;
  • – семена подсолнечника;
  • – уксус столовый;
  • – Essential oils of juniper, geranium, cloves, lemon, roses.
There are several recipes for anti-cellulite oil. They differ in composition and method of preparation. The basis is taken butter оливы, кедрового ореха, семян подсолнечника, кукурузы и авокадо. А в качестве добавочных средств различные растения, способные воздействовать на кожу, уменьшать жировые отложения и усиливать кровообращение. Такими свойствами обладает полынь обыкновенная, можжевельник, каштан конский, роза, герань, гвоздика, лимон, грейпфрут. Причем для приготовления масла можно использовать их как в свежем измельченном виде, так и виде экстрактов и эфирных масел.

To prepare anti-cellulite oil from wormwood, fill the bottle of 0,5 capacity with 2 / 3 seeds with sunflower seeds. Add the 2 st.l. vinegar and 4 st.l. fresh ground herb wormwood. Tightly close the container, put it in a well-lit place. And for 2 weeks, shake in the morning and in the evening. With the interaction of all components, the seeds begin to separate butter, which is impregnated with biologically active substances of wormwood. Therefore, in finished form it should be with a distinct smell of this plant. Apply this tool in a strained form for massage of cellulite-affected skin areas.

For the preparation of oil with the addition of essential oils, observe the following proportion. On 2 st.l. any vegetable oil 3 drops ethereal. And you can combine several types of oils, for example, juniper, carnations and facets. In this recipe, add 2 st.l. honey. This remedy is also used to massage places affected by cellulite.

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