How to make anti-cellulite honey massage

How to make anti-cellulite honey massage
Representatives of the beautiful half of mankind dream of ideally slender forms and elastic skin. But often, unfortunately, to achieve this interfere with the appearance of cellulite. And to combat it, all possible means are used: wraps, physical exercises, cosmetic procedures, etc. One of the most effective ways to get rid of cellulite is honey massage, which can be done at home.

Choose which problem areas of the skin you will process. Cellulite is more susceptible to the stomach, hips and sides, as well as the buttocks. The amount of honey for one problem zone should be 2-3 teaspoons. To enhance the effect, you can add drops of lemon juice to 3-4 honey, so you will further strengthen the metabolic processes.

Разогрейте смесь до комнатной температуры. Смесь может быть чуть теплее, но не должна быть слишком холодной.

Before applying honey, try to prepare the treated area of ??the body. The skin should be warmed up with active massage movements.

Before applying honey, try to prepare the treated area of ??the body. It should be warmed up with active massage movements. Make sure that the skin is warmer, and slightly flushed. Then apply the mixture in a thick layer and carefully rub it into the skin until the honey is rolled into balls and dissolves.

Another massage method is very aggressive, but it gives a more pronounced effect. Honey mixture put on the palm of your hand. Then tightly press them to the massaged areas and sharply tear off.

Do such pats as long as there is no white coating on the body (usually it takes 15-20 minutes). At the same time, blood circulation is stimulated, and intensive destruction of fat cells occurs.

Примите душ и тщательно очистите тело от меда. Мылом пользоваться не нужно.

Of great importance is the regularity of these procedures. Course – two weeks. At the same time, the procedures themselves need to be conducted at least seven. Do massage at intervals of one day to give the skin a proper rest.

After carrying out each procedure put on problem spots anti-cellulite cream. Handle the skin after massage with great care. Wipe with a soft towel and try not to cause additional damage to it. Use moisturizers more often.

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