How to make an onion mask for hair

How to make an onion mask for hair
During periods of severe hair loss, it is very important to use different masks. They provide hair follicles with additional nutrition and favors the emergence of a new root. For this purpose, juice of onions perfectly suits, and it can be used in combination with no less useful products – honey, aloe and herbs.

You will need
  • – juice of onions;
  • – Aloe, honey;
  • – Herbs (mint, nettle, burdock root).
With a strong fallout volos make onion mask daily for two weeks, and for prevention – once a week for two months. And use different combinations of onion juice with other ingredients. The simplest is to rub the onion juice into the scalp. In addition to strengthening the roots volos it also eliminates dandruff.

To prepare the onion mask, finely chop a large onion. Strain the resulting gruel through 2 gauze layer, then brush (for painting volos) или марлевой салфеткой нанесите сок на корни. Наденьте полиэтиленовый пакет или шапочку и затем оберните голову полотенцем. Через 30-40 минут промойте voloss warm infusion of birch leaves.

To enhance the therapeutic effect of the mask, combine the onion juice with honey (in the ratio 5: 1) or aloe (1: 1). After 30-40 minutes, rinse voloss herbal decoction – chamomile, nettle, mint, burdock root, yarrow or a mixture of these herbs. To prepare the decoction, pour in 6 st.l. plants 2 l of boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes. Apply after cooling down. For thick volos prepare the volume twice as much.

For dry volos use mask from juice of onions with vegetable, burdock or castor oil (in the ratio 1: 1). Put it on the roots volos. Cover them with oilcloth and wrap with a towel to create heat. After 1,5 hours, rinse volosShampoo and rinse with herbal decoction.

To give volosAm a beautiful shade rinse them with a decoction of onion peel. For its preparation, pour 30-50 g onion husks 2 with glasses of water and boil for 20 minutes over low heat. In the course of an hour let him brew and cool, after which, in a strained form, lubricate them several times voloss from roots to tips. After complete drying, rinse them with acidified water. The same tool can be used for oily seborrhea.

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