How to make an ice-cream

How to make an ice-cream
Exquisite and sophisticated make-up makes the eyes expressive, and the look becomes mysterious and deep. Makeup Techniques figs ice can differ in the color of the shadows, but the main accents are the same – smoky shades, rich dark eyeliner, deep "arrows".

Prepare the skin around the eyes – treat the eyelids and corners of the eyes with a special corrector of the appropriate shade. To fix the makeup, lightly powder the eyelids with a transparent powder. The choice of shadows depends on the color of the eyes and the skin tone, but the color should be deep and juicy. Select the shadows on the upper eyelid, right along the line of eyelash growth – achieve the darkest shade, but the line should be a little blurry and dense.

Bring your eyes in a soft black (brown or dark blue) pencil – the line should be clear and slightly thicken to the outer edge of the eye. Place under the eyebrows shade shades of light shade – gently peach or light beige.

Lower eyelid should also be emphasized – a thin brush with a bevelled edge, apply selected shadows under the lower eyelashes, barely noticeably thickening the line to the temples. The pencil lead should be practically invisible, the line should be thoroughly shaded. The outer corner of the eye should have the shape of a triangle – this is the point where the upper and lower connections are connected. One of the key moments of makeup figsice – тщательная feathering. Mix the shadows better with a soft fluffy brush, sponge or cotton swab. It is necessary to achieve a natural transition of one shade to another, there should be no boundaries.

Поверх основного слоя теней нанесите еще один – выберите оттенок чуть светлее и хорошо смешайте границы. Брови должны быть четкими и темными, практически неестественными – мягким коричневым карандашом подкорректируйте их форму и длину. Внутренние уголки глаз нуждаются в дополнительном сиянии, поэтому точечно нанесите на эти участки белые перламутровые тени (можно использовать ту же палитру, что и для выделения бровей) и немного растушуйте их.

The finishing touch is the application of mascara. It is better to take mascara with a volume and lengthening effect. Applied in three layers, this type of ink will change the shape and length of the eyelashes. Painting you need upper and lower eyelashes.

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