How to make an evening make-up properly

How to make an evening make-up properly
Evening makeup must be absolutely flawless, because they make it to go out into the light, where all the cream of society, all bohemians are present. On whether you know how to do the right evening makeup, your appearance and your mood will depend, which means that the degree of your confidence in your irresistibility and perfection will depend on the correctness of the evening image creation.

You will need
  • – tonal basis
  • – powder
  • – rouge
  • – eyebrow pencil
  • – eyeshadow
  • – eyeliner or eyeliner
  • – mascara
  • – lip pencil
  • – помада или блеск для губ
If an exit is planned after a working day, and there is no way to do an evening makeup "From scratch", the first thing slightly освежите face. To do this, lightly splashed in the face with cool water. Then gently pat the face with a tissue. If to create an evening makeupа времени достаточно, нанесите на очищенное лицо и губы тональную основу, которая будет на полтона темнее вашего color face.

Припудрите лицо во избежании жирного блеска на коже. Нанесите rouge on the cheekbones, using a wide brush. If you have a broad face, you can visually narrow it with the help of a blush brown.

Draw a line eyebrows special soft pencil, eyebrow немного удлините, расчешите специальной кисточкой с использованием гелеобразного средства для коррекции бровей.

To do the right evening makeup special attention should be paid to the eyes. Apply on the upper eyelid a small amount of tonal base, well shade it with a brush. On the inner part of the century, cast light shadows, on the outer – more dark. Gently shade the border between the two colors shadow, under the eyebrow, apply light (almost white) of the shadow.

Draw a contour of the eyes with a liquid eyeliner or special pencil. Exfoliate the outer corners of the eyes using a brush or a cotton swab.

Загните ресницы щипчиками, нанесите слой туши, дайте слегка подсохнуть и нанесите второй слой. Ресницы расчешите специальной щеточкой.

Circle the lip contour with a pencil. If their form needs correction, powder powder, draw the desired line of lips with a pencil. Apply matte lipstick and lip gloss.

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