How to make an evening hairstyle from long hair

How to make an evening hairstyle from long hair
For a long time, long hair are a symbol of femininity and beauty. Being well-groomed and silky, they are able to give a noble look even to the most ordinary person. Beautiful long hair is not just a natural gift, because it requires the most careful and special care. Many believe that having long hair it is very inconvenient, but if necessary they can be laid in a beautiful evening hairstyle. Сделать это совсем не сложно.

You will need
  • Hair curlers, hairpins or hair clips, spray or hair spray, comb, dense smooth hair band, two hairpins.
Create a high hairstyle с roller type "Pompadour". The available volume of hair is increased by treating the strands along the entire length of the hair with curling irons. Separate part of the upper hair in the area of ??the crown of the head from the lower strands, fix them on the crown with a hair clip and leave it for a while. Collect the remaining strands and twist into a tight roll, while the ends should be free.

Now, separate the strands on the vertex. Make them fleece, starting from the very roots. Fold the semi-slag and use the hairspray to add volume and fix with the studs.

Loose hair ends that are left of the lower strands, gently twist in the same direction as the strands on the crown. Fix the resulting roller with studs. If some of the strands are out of the hairstyle, just tweak them with forceps. Lock the finished hairstyle spray or hairspray.

Owners of long straight hair will approach the "Beautiful Knot" hairstyle. Carefully comb hair along the entire length. Gather with a rubber band in the high tail just below the crown. Hair in the tail clockwise tighten into one bundle. From the resultant on the head harness lay out the knot, twisting it and clockwise. The assembly must be formed as a spiral.

Through the center of the node, carefully insert the index and middle fingers of the left hand and gently pull out the remaining tail of the hair, hold the knot with your right hand. Then, holding the tail with the knot with your left hand, with your right hand, fix the first stick-pin in the knot. The second rod with a hair clip is fixed at the knot symmetrically to the first. Hairstyles are ready.

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