How to make an epilation

How to make an epilation
Fighting hair on the body is not one century. Women have tried hundreds of ways before coming to the list of the most appropriate methods of combating unnecessary vegetation. Different kinds epilation are here the best choice.

Beauty standards vary from year to year, but one sign of grooming remains unchanged practically in all countries of the world – this гладкие ножки, beautiful underarms and line bikini. Hair on these sites is unacceptable, especially for those girls, who tend to follow themselves and look perfect. Epilation – the process of hair removal, in which the destruction of the hair bulb.

Hair removal with wax

Это наиболее популярный способ избавления от растительности на теле, которое может проводится не только в слонах, но и дома. Сегодня высококачественные препараты для этой процедуры продаются в специализированных магазинах и доступны всем желающим. Воск разогревают, наносят на кожу по росту волос, а затем отрывают против роста. Для разных частей тела используются несколько разновидностей воска – cassette, in banks, in briquettes, strips, etc. Minuses of wax removal – soreness of the procedure and increase in the number ingrown hair.


It is an electric appliance that pulls hair out of the skin with the help of dozens of tweezers. The soreness is even higher than when removing wax, the effect lasts less than a week, and ingrown hair after using the epilator, torture for several years.

Strictly speaking, these procedures are essentially depilation, since, removing hair from the root, the hair bulb itself is not always destroyed. Therefore, completely get rid of the hair in this way will not succeed. The most effective methods of getting rid of vegetation – laser, electro-and photoepilation, conducted in specialized salons.

In addition to the high cost, each of the methods of epilation has a number of contraindications. However, after passing from 7 to 15 sessions, you have a real opportunity to get rid of more hair permanently. All salon types of hair removal are aimed at destroying the hair follicle itself. It is because of the gradual destruction of all bulbs that hair growth in the future is reduced to zero.

Photoepilation is the effect on the hair of light flashes. Electrolysis – the introduction of a needle-electrode under the skin, sending an impulse into the follicle, after which the latter is not capable of forming a hair. Laser hair removal – the effect of the laser beam on the hair with the same result.

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