How to make an edging manicure

How to make an edging manicure
I want my hands to always look attractive. Manicure – one of the components of the appearance of your hands. But there is not always time to visit the salon. Nevertheless, you can achieve an excellent result yourself.

You will need
  • Пилочка для ногтей, питательный крем, жидкость для снятия лака, апельсиновая палочка, кусачки или ножницы для кутикулы, емкость для воды, морская соль, сок лимона, питательное масло.
Prepare the necessary Tools. Special pliers or scissors for cuticle тщательно продезинфицируйте раствором хлоргексидина. В случае пореза вы сведете к минимуму риск инфицирования ранки.

Using the nail file, give the nails the desired shape. On the skin around the nail – cuticle, apply emollient cream.

Next, you should prepare a bath for hands. To do this, use a convenient container, hot water, a filler for the bath. As filler, sea salt is suitable. Dilute 1 a tablespoon of sea salt in an 1 glass of hot water. Sea salt helps to strengthen the nail plate. Also for the bath you can use a soapy solution. To do this, dissolve in hot water a small amount of fragrant shower gel or liquid soap. In the hot water of the tray you can add a few drops of lemon juice. Such a bath whitens the skin of the hands, fights with pigment spots, softens the cuticle, facilitating its subsequent removal. If you have inflamed skin, use a decoction of chamomile for the bath.

After the bath is cooked, remove the rings from the fingers, remove the old varnish from the nails with the help of special tools. Put your hands in the tub, relax. The time of taking a bath 5-10 minutes. After it, dry your hands with a towel.

Now you can start cutting a manicure. Carefully move the cuticle to the nail hole using an orange stick. Make accurate, smooth movements with a stick.

Pushing away the cuticle, you can cut it. In many ways the look of your nails depends on the quality tools, so try to buy products of well-known companies that have proven themselves. When cutting the cuticle, follow the cut line. The line should be smooth, continuous. Do not try to cut the cuticle deeply, you can touch living cells and damage the nail matrix. When cutting a large cuticle is more than normal, be prepared for the fact that cuticle will begin grow faster, and nails в скором времени примут неопрятный вид.

After you cut the cuticle, apply a special oil on it. It has nutritious and emollient properties. In conclusion обрезного маникюра it is recommended to massage hands using nutrient oil. If you follow these recommendations, your hands will always look great.

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