How to make an easy make-up?

How to make an easy make-up?
Do you want to look spectacular right from the morning and do not seem to evoke others? To cope with this task can be properly performed light make-up of the face. And now the eyes are radiant, the face becomes fresh, the smile becomes mysterious. But nothing superfluous, only light strokes, an elusive correction – everything that the rules of applying light make-up teach.
Для легкого макияжа step by step you must:

– toning of the face with a foundation and powder;
– allocation of cheekbones rouge;
– highlighting of the upper and lower zones of cheekbones;
– correction of the line of eyelash growth with a pencil;
– allocation of depth of eyes by means of imposing of shadows on veki;
– подчеркивание ресниц при помощи туши;
– Adjustment of the eyebrow line;
– expression of the contour of the lips;
– придание губам сочности;
– окончательное припудривание лица.

Preparation of a background for applying a light make-up

At the first stage, the tinting face. This is done quickly and simply with a foundation and moist sponge. The cream is applied lightly to all parts of the face, eyelids, and lips.

At the second stage, it is necessary to fix the foundation with powder. She covers the whole face. Used a special brush for powder.
Then it is required by the corrector to hide all visible skin defects (spots, dots, blue on the eyelids). You can use it as a tuba or use a brush and a liquid proofreader. Excess cream is removed with light sponge movements.

After this, it is necessary to soften the corrected places with friable powder. To do this, again using a large furry brush. When the skin has already applied the main preparatory layer of make-up, you should proceed to distribute the blush. They are superimposed on the subcutaneous zone of the face on both sides. Then spread on the cheek with a special brush evenly. Learn to beautifully and quickly apply blush is not difficult. Just study your face carefully.

Blush should not look like a bright dividing strip. To do this, they should be slightly shaded with a special brush to achieve a smooth shade transition. Movement is desirable to do smoothly in all directions from the cheekbone.

The next stage of make-up is the highlighting of the nadzkul region. To do this, it is necessary to use a lighter shade of compacted powder than the applied base layer. In this case, the relief of the cheekbones acquires texture, and the skin of the face looks taut.

Application of make-up for light make-up

Then you need to look into the eye contour. Using a special pencil for podvodki, lines are drawn along the growth of cilia. The main emphasis should be placed on the outer corners of the eyes.

To make the contour look more natural, it is necessary to carefully brush the applied pencil line along the whole eyelid with a brush. Then you will get a smooth transition from the eyelash line to the eyelid itself. The smoky color of the shaded line will add the necessary depth to the eyes.

Rules for applying color to the eyelids

Теперь дошла очередь до макияжа век. Необходимо использовать тени натуральных светлых оттенков. Это может быть светло-розовый, телесный или белый цвет. Все зависит от основного оттенка кожи лица. Тени наносятся легким слоем на всю часть века прямо до линии роста бровей.

If the make-up is applied to the swarthy skin, you can use creamy, beige tones. For light skin, which is inherent in blondes, it is necessary to use white or pale pink colors of decorative friable shadows.

Next, you need to take shadows that are darker in the same color scheme. They are applied to the corner of the eyelid, then distributed along the line of the mobile eyelid to the corner of the eyebrows. To make the eyes look more expressive, light pearly shadows are applied a quick light smear in the center of the eyelid and slightly shaded. The same action is done under the eyebrow line.

For greater expressiveness, the line of the eyebrows is emphasized. Shadows of the dark palette (brown, gray, etc.) are used.
The next stage is eyelashes. They прокрашиваются тушью черного или коричневого цвета от самого корня до кончика.

Final touches of light make-up

Then comes the line of lip line correction with a contour pencil. The relief of the lips is clearly drawn. It is necessary to shade this line with a brush. Lips are covered with glitter or lipstick of natural color. The emphasis is on the outer corner with the help of lipstick of a darker shade. The upper lip becomes slightly upturned and sexy.

В заключение макияжа можно сделать легкое припудривание лица. Оно не должно блестеть. Легкий макияж закончен. Он получился нежным и красивым. Теперь лицо выглядит привлекательным и естественно-свежим.

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