How to make an aromatic bath

How to make an aromatic bath
Aromatic baths are very useful. With their help, you can remove fatigue, stress and tension. They also have a healing effect. You can use the spa procedure in the salon, but if you do not have the time and money – make an aromatic a bath at home.

You will need
  • – water;
  • – essential oils;
  • – honey, cream or milk.
First of all, thoroughly wash the tub. Then fill it with warm water (37-38oС). This temperature is the most comfortable for the body, and at the same time aromatic oils are "well opened" and "working" in it.

Prepare the bath mix right before it is taken. Do not do this for an hour or two before the procedure, since the etheric substances are very volatile. Also, do not pour oil directly into the water – the substances will simply dissolve, and you will not notice any effect. Add binder – emulsifier. It can be honey, cream or milk. Do not use shampoos, balms, and shower gels as an emulsifier – artificial compounds will kill all useful substances.

Mix the essential oils, add them to the water. To enhance the relaxing effect, you can light scented candles, make a muffled light or turn on quiet music.

The time of reception of such a bath is twenty to thirty minutes. Do the spa procedure not earlier than one and a half to two hours before meals or two and a half hours after eating.

Выбирайте масла для ароматической ванны в зависимости от желаемого эффекта. Если вы хотите повысить упругость кожи, возьмите в равных частях масло розмарина, бергамота и лаванды. Смешайте их с медом и растворите в воде.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, in a hundred grams of cream, add juniper, orange, cypress and grapefruit oil (in the proportion of 6: 2: 2: 2). If you want to achieve a relaxing effect, relieve fatigue and get rid of insomnia, mix with honey five drops of lavender and mint.

Ванны с лечебным или профилактическим эффектом принимают курсами, расслабляющие и успокоительные можно принимать один-два раза в неделю перед сном. Выбор того или иного эфирного масла зависит от заболевания, например, при diabetes mellitus назначают ароматические ванны из можжевельника, розмарина, мяты и лавра.

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