How to make an anti-cellulite wrap with fucus and horsetail

How to make an anti-cellulite wrap with fucus and horsetail
Girls who have been exposed to the appearance of cellulite on the skin, often resort to all sorts of cosmetic procedures. One of these procedures is wrapping. This is a very effective method in combating an unattractive crust. In addition, and economical – wraps can be done easily by yourself. Often in the composition of expensive anti-cellulite cosmetics there are quite affordable products. So why not use their useful properties at home on their own?

Рассмотрим экономичный и эффективный вариант обертывания с глиной (берется голубая), хвощем, фукусом. У фукуса богатый состав. Биологически-активные соединения водорослей способны оказать на жировую ткань хорошее воздействие. Вдобавок улучшается процесс обмена веществ, микроциркуляция улучшается, стимулируется процесс похудения на проблемных зонах (ягодицы, бедра, ноги, бока). Поэтому и стоит выбрать фукус в качестве главного компонента для обертывания.

Field horsetail has long been famous for its properties. It affects fat deposits, it can slow down their formation. And blue clay is an excellent anti-cellulite agent even in single use, it removes toxins from the skin. Caffeine, too, in such a wrap will not be superfluous – but this is at will. But in any case, caffeine is not in vain is a very popular remedy for cellulite. In the pharmacy it can be bought in the form of tablets or ampoules. In cosmetic shops you can find it in the form of concentrates.

So, take four spoonfuls of fucus. In the shredded form, it is sold in a pharmacy. Take the same amount of chopped horsetail. Clay needs three spoons. If you decide to add caffeine, then just one or two ampoules. Essential oils are also optional. Suitable oil of orange, lemon, cinnamon, grapefruit, rosemary, ginger.

Preparing the wrap is easy. Grind the fucus with the horsetail using a blender. Fill with hot water to get a uniform mass. Leave it for half an hour. Then fill the clay, add the selected additional ingredients, stir thoroughly.

Clean the skin with a gel or scrub, then apply a lightly warm mass, wrap the problem areas with a film. You can use the film special cosmetic or ordinary food – the result is not particularly affected. Wrap yourself in a bathrobe or blanket, wait an hour. Since this wrap is quite comfortable – it does not burn, does not tingle, you can go with it longer. After taking a shower, do not forget to apply anti-cellulite cream to your skin. Doing such wraps costs two months every couple of days. Without regular application, the proper effect may not be, so do not be lazy and pay attention to your skin, indulging in cosmetic procedures! Then the cellulite will go away with your skin.


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