How to make an anti-cellulite oil wrap

How to make an anti-cellulite oil wrap
Getting rid of cellulite at home is easier than it seems. You need several effective oils, a little knowledge and patience. Oily anti-cellulite wraps will save you from the "orange peel" and help you lose weight in a short time.

You will need
  • – Olive oil – 30ml;
  • – essential oil of lemon – 4 drops;
  • – essential oil of juniper – 4 drops;
  • – essential oil of lavender – 4 drops;
  • – емкость;
  • – food film.
First of all, combine the essential oils and mix them thoroughly. The effectiveness of a home anti-cellulite remedy is based on the action of these oils. Wraps with essential oil of lemon normalize blood circulation, remove excess fluid. Juniper oil fights toxins and smooths out the skin relief. Lavender essential oil eliminates fluid retention, makes the skin supple, successfully used in the treatment of stretch marks. Joint action of oils of lemon, juniper and lavender will help quickly get rid of cellulite.
How to make an anti-cellulite oil wrap

Mix the prepared ester mixture with olive oil. Instead of olive it is permissible to use some other base oils: wheat germ, hazelnut, jojoba or almond. Each of them is perfect. Olive oil is the most popular base. In its composition contains linoleic acid, due to which skin nutrition, slag removal and intensification of intracellular metabolic processes are provided.
How to make an anti-cellulite oil wrap

Before anti-cellulite wrapping, treat the skin with a hard washcloth and take a contrast shower. In driving movements, apply the oil mixture to the sites affected by cellulite. Wrap the skin with food wrap, put on warm clothes. The time of wrapping is 1 an hour, take it by gymnastics or home chores. After an hour, remove the film, take a shower and apply a moisturizer to your skin.
How to make an anti-cellulite oil wrap

Spend 7 procedures for home anti-cellulite wraps strictly through 1 day. By the end of the course from the "orange peel" will not remain a trace. Beautiful skin will become the object of your pride and admiration for your girlfriends.
How to make an anti-cellulite oil wrap

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