How to make age cosmetics. Anti-aging treatments at home

How to make age cosmetics. Anti-aging treatments at home
Anti-aging cosmetics can be prepared at home. Means based on natural ingredients will significantly improve the condition of your skin. However, do not expect from home cosmetics of great miracles, because it does not contain synthetic components that are specially developed in the laboratory. Home creams on the basis of natural ingredients moisturize, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. They gradually affect the skin and give it youth and radiance.

In order to prepare a good face cream, you must follow certain rules and recipes. If one particular remedy does not suit you, try making the cream according to another recipe.

Prepare a cream with cocoa. 3 tbsp. Cocoa butter on the grater and melt on a water bath. Add to the mixture 1 tsp. beeswax, 4 tsp. Rose water and 7-8 tsp. oil from peach bones. Stir thoroughly, remove from heat and allow to cool.

Bee wax contains a large amount of vitamin A, which is necessary for the normal development of epidermal cells. It is well absorbed and gives the skin tenderness and smoothness.

To prepare a cream with iodine, combine 1 tsp. Vaseline with 1 st.l. castor oil and 1 st.l. honey. Stir the mixture and add 1 a drop of iodine.

To make a cream with kareite melt on a water bath 2-3 tsp. Shea butter (karite), add 3 tsp. Almond oil and 1 tsp. avocado oil. Remove from heat and cool. Add 4 drops of rosemary and mix.

Make a cream with borax. To melted on a water bath beeswax add 3 st.l. coconut, 1 st.l. almond and 2 st.l. olive oil. In 3 st.l. water dissolve a half teaspoon borax. Mix all together and mix.

To make a cream with cream, beat in a mixer 3 st.l. thick cream with yolk and 1 tsp. honey.

A cream with calendula is very effective. Fill with 2 Tbsp. dry flowers of marigold 1 a glass of vegetable oil. Put the mixture for a week in a dark place. Shake capacity daily. After that, mix 2 st.l. the resulting extract with 2 tsp. melted beeswax. Add to the cream for 1 tsp. glycerin and corn oil.

To strengthen the effect of home cream, apply it under the alginate mask.

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Do not use expired ingredients to prepare the cream. Before use, check if you have an allergic reaction to the cream. To do this, apply a small amount of funds on the wrist. Do not use anti-aging creams for young and oily skin.

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