How to make a wrap in a home environment?

How to make a wrap in a home environment?
Every girl wants to look beautiful. wrapping will help to find a healthy skin color.

You will need
  • First, prepare a food film, a warm blanket or clothes (you can use a special belt for losing weight), as well as the necessary ingredients.
  • The procedure will take place in several stages:
Before wrapping, use a body scrub.

Apply the mixture to wrap a smooth thick layer on the problem areas of the body.

Top the tape gently over it. It should fit tightly to the body, but do not squeeze it, because it can lead to a violation of blood circulation.

Оденьте приготовленную теплую одежду, укутайтесь пледом и расслабьтесь.

Then it remains only to endure and wait. For example, mustard is very hot, which, of course, will cause discomfort. Wait for about half an hour. Do not suffer more, because burns may appear.

After half an hour, remove the film and wash under a warm shower.

After a shower, use an anti-cellulite or an ordinary moisturizer.

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