How to make a wedding makeup: stylish tips for brunettes

How to make a wedding makeup: stylish tips for brunettes
Bright, but at the same time refined, gentle wedding make-up is able to emphasize the natural beauty of the dark-haired bride. On such a solemn day, it is very important for a girl to look truly flawless. The appearance of brunettes is bright enough, catchy. These women need to learn how to choose the right shades of cosmetics and skillfully combine them. When creating a wedding makeup, remember that he must emphasize the natural beauty of the girl, her tenderness, femininity and refinement.

Before you start applying decorative cosmetics, you need to cleanse your face, apply a moisturizer to it. A few days before the wedding it is advisable to treat the face with a scrub, to carry out the procedure of deep grooming. This will smooth the surface of the skin, giving it a fresh, radiant appearance.

After the face and neck are prepared, it is necessary to determine the areas that need correction. Make less visible circles under the eyes can be applied to the lower eyelids concealer. This cosmetic product should be on a lighter tone than the basic skin tone. It is desirable that there are light-reflecting particles in it.

Using a creamy concealer, it is also possible to mask the inflammatory elements on the face, pigment spots and other defects.

Чтобы выровнять поверхность кожи, придать ей однородный оттенок, нужно аккуратно распределить по поверхности лица и шеи тональный крем. Егооттенок должен идеально соответствовать оттенку кожи. Лучше отдавать предпочтение косметическим продуктам с очень легкой текстурой, чтобы макияж выглядел максимально естественно.

Cheeks can be emphasized with the help of a neutral color shade. Do not overlay them with a thick layer. They just need to give the person freshness.

Макияж глаз следует начинать с распределения теней светлого оттенка по всему подвижному веку. При выборе тона теней важно учитывать принадлежность невесты к определенному цветотипу. Девушки с розоватым оттенком кожи, иссиня-черным цветом волос принадлежат к зимнему цветотипу. Им прекрасно подходят холодные оттенки косметических средств. В данном случае следует отдать предпочтение теням серебристых, белых, светло-зеленых, серых, розоватых тонов.

Swarthy brunettes with a yellowish tinge of skin belong to the autumn color. They are suitable makeup, made in warm colors. Preference should be given to creamy, light brown, dark green, purple shades of cosmetics.

The outer corner of the eye should be emphasized by shadows of a darker shade and blossom well. The upper eyelids should be brought in a dark green, gray, purple, brown pencil. Eyelashes can be slightly curled with forceps and apply a little mascara on them.

Черный оттенок карандаша и подводки подходит только ярким представительницам зимнего цветотипа, но для свадебного макияжа он не вполне уместен.

Lips should be wound around the contour with a cosmetic pencil and spread lipstick using their own brush. It is important that the hue of the contour perfectly matches the shade of the lipstick or is slightly lighter than it. Dark-haired brides should prefer a lipstick neutral tones. Its color should not be too bright, but at the same time it should not get lost on the background of the girl's catchy appearance. In this case, cosmetic products of beige, coral, peachy tones, as well as shades of rosewood, are ideal.

To give lipstick firmness, you can get a little wet with a napkin. In the center of the lips you can apply a little shine. This technique helps to give them extra volume.

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