How to make a wave

How to make a wave
If you decide do yourself, without leaving your home, first carefully study your hair and determine their type in five categories. Hair texture: hard, medium thickness, thin. Density – that is, the density of the hair. Porosity is the ability of the hair to pass moisture. Elasticity – a low or normal ability of the hair to stretch in the curl. The direction of hair growth is the last important indicator.

You will need
  • composition for a wave
  • curlers
  • ceramic or plastic bag
  • губочка
  • towel
Проведите тест на переносимость состава для завивки. На небольшую прядь своих volos apply some formulation: if after several minutes hair прядь не рвется, делайте завивку на все волосы. В противном случае разбавьте composition water. To check the fluid for allergy, apply 10 minutes a little to the area behind the ear. Rinse with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide: the skin should not blush and itch.

Если тест прошел хорошо, вымойте все волосы, просушите, расчешите. Закрутите волосы на curlers, but necessarily – not tight. Skin on the temples and forehead cream, close the napkins. On hands – gloves, on shoulders – Towel.

Pour the ingredients into a plastic or ceramic vessel. Take the sponge, quickly apply the composition first in area nape, then the crown and temples. Wrap head terry towel and do not remove it for as long as it is said in the instructions for the curd. After that, without removing the curlers, rinse your head thoroughly. Wipe with a towel.

Fix it in foam. Apply it on wet hair in curlers for 5-8 minutes. Remove the curlers, apply hair fixer again and wait for 5-8 minutes. Wash your hair first with water, then with a sour solution (2 g of citric acid per 1 liter of water).

On wet hair, apply a special rinse aid or castor oil.

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