How to make a wave of hair

How to make a wave of hair
It would seem that it can be simpler than beautifully curling hair? But in this case you need certain knowledge and even skill – only then gentle, elastic curls will please both you and others! So, we will tune in and get down to an independent wave of hair.

To curls were elastic and kept the shape as long as possible, you should pay attention to daily care. Beautiful curls are unlikely to be obtained on the dried hair – they just will crumble. Therefore we try wash my hair with a special shampoo and conditioner, which contain moisturizing elements. Hair, saturated with moisture, keeps the shape much longer, plus the curls will be beautiful and shiny.

So, just before laying the head is best washed. Did you know a little secret, thanks to which hair will be crumbling much less? Here it is: rinse your head with cool (or even cold) clean water, curls will be much more elastic!

Do not comb the long wet hair immediately after washing – they will stretch. It is better to wrap the head with a soft towel for about 10 minutes, allow the moisture to soak, and then let the hair dry independently.

For effective wave it is better not to use mousses or foams, and give your preference to light creams or special sprays on a gel basis. So, we put the product on the hair and divide them into large enough strands.

There are several known methods of curling volos. For example, hair curlers. Carefully thread each strand on a curler suitable for you size (крупные – для крупных ringlets, and small – for small curls), not strongly pulling and pulling the hair, leave until completely dry. However, with a lack of time, you can help the hair dry with a warm spray of hair dryer.

If you decide to use curling tongs, do not forget that for these purposes the styling product should be with a thermal protection effect, and the tongs must be of good quality. If you plan to stack волосы с их помощью достаточно часто, то потратьтесь на качественный набор с керамическим покрытием и возможностью выбора температуры. Весьма важно не пересушить волосы и не передержать на них щипцы, иначе локоны потеряют форму и рассыплются намного быстрее.

после окончания укладки не стоит расчесывать кудри, лучше аккуратно разделить их пальцами и слегка сбрызнуть фиксирующим лаком. Ваша hairstyle ready!

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