How to make a water manicure

How to make a water manicure
Water manicure, or "marble manicure," occupies a special place among the variety of techniques of nail art. For high-quality execution of water manicure do not necessarily be able to draw well. And thus the nails turn out to be unusual, original and effective. Do a manicure on the water yourself at home.

You will need
  • varnishes of different shades;
  • – a glass;
  • – toothpicks;
  • – An adhesive tape or children's fat cream.
Первым делом подготовьте ногти для выполнения данного вида маникюра. Подпилите, размягчите кутикулу с помощью специального состава на основе фруктовой кислоты и сдвиньте апельсиновой палочкой. Для лучшего эффекта покройте ногти основой, это может быть прозрачный или белый лак (на ваше усмотрение). Дайте ногтям полностью просохнуть.

Pour warm water into the cup (not more than forty degrees) and prepare varnished varnishes, they should be quite liquid in their consistency. It is on this depends the success of the water manicure, a thick varnish will not spread on the water. But do not try to dilute it with a solvent, otherwise the varnish will simply mix with water. It is recommended to use two or three shades.

Prepare your fingers so as not to stain the skin around the nail. To do this, wrap each finger with scotch tape or grease the skin with a thick cream. Note that the nail should remain unwashed and dry, otherwise the varnish will not stick to it.

Take bubbles with varnishes and alternately drip them into the water as follows: when the first drop is slightly blurred, immediately in its center drip another color of varnish and so on. The first drop is dominant in your future pattern on nails. Do not be afraid to experiment with flowers, connect fantasy. Then use a toothpick to divorce in different directions and in random order, the mixing procedure should not last more than a minute.

Gently immerse the prepared nail into the water in parallel with the pattern, immediately collect the remaining varnish with a toothpick. When there is no varnish left in the water, remove the finger from the water. You will see that the picture is imprinted on the nail, which looks rather original and attractive. While the varnish is still not completely dried, you can decorate it with sequins, then cover it with a transparent varnish for fixing. Do the same procedure with the rest of the nails.

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