How to Make a Volumetric Tail

How to Make a Volumetric Tail
It would seem that horse tail – the simplest hairstyle familiar to each girl since the childhood. Nevertheless, even he has many options. Some types of horse tailand it is convenient to do it in a hurry, going to work or study, while others are suitable for an evening hike to a restaurant. Any horse tail will look elegantly appropriate, if it will be voluminous and beautiful.

The basis of a beautiful hairstyle is thick, healthy hair, and this you will not be replaced by mousse to increase volume and false strands. Therefore, if you want to have volume horse tail, start caring for your hair. Use shampoos that match your hair type. Keep up the diet: in your diet should be present foods that help your hair to be healthy: nuts, sea kale, greens.

Before you collect the hair, sprinkle the roots with a volumetric spray. After that, the hair can be dried with a hair dryer, while twisting the strands.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make a three-dimensional horse tail – это прическа в стиле «только с постели». Вымойте голову, высушите волосы и, не расчесывая, соберите их в tail. To make the hair look even larger, apply tail немного мусса и начешите его. Такой tail You can do it not strictly at the back of the head, but slightly laterally. You just like just got out of bed, and such inattention is completely forgivable.

Если вы хотите заплести объемный tail in retro style, you will need the skills of hair fleecy. Fingers lift a row of hair on the vertex and begin to comb the hair from the roots to the middle of the length. When you get the hair of the desired splendor, lightly smooth the hair, sprinkle with varnish for strong fixation and assemble into the low tail.

If you want to radically solve this problem, at your service specialists in hair extensions. Going to this procedure, remember that your hair should not be shorter than 5 centimeters. To create a magnificent hairdo you will need to build 100-150 strands, and within half a year you will be the owner of a smart thick taila.

To achieve a large hairstyle, you can use a chignon. Pick it up carefully, because the hair color of the hairpiece should be absolutely identical to your color. Attach the chignon to the base tailAnd, this will save you from the torture with styling.

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