How to make a turpentine bath

How to make a turpentine bath
Turpentine bath is a means for rejuvenating and improving the body. Regular bathing helps to cope with many chronic diseases, reduce the length of the rehabilitation period after severe illnesses and surgeries. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the correct preparation of the bath.

You will need
  • – a blood pressure tonometer;
  • – a vessel for water with dimensional divisions;
  • – water thermometer;
  • – clock;
  • – небольшое зеркало;
  • – distilled water;
  • – baby soap;
  • – салициловая кислота;
  • – turpentine turpentine;
  • – camphor alcohol;
  • – едкий натр;
  • – олеиновая кислота.
Prepare all the necessary tools and ingredients. "Yellow" and "white" emulsion is better to buy in ready-made form, since the process requires certain skills and you can easily make mistakes in dosage, and this will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. But if there is no opportunity to buy ready-made compounds, then you can try to cook them yourself.

Prepare a "white" turpentine emulsion. In an enamel saucepan pour distilled water (550 ml.), Bring to a boil. Pour finely planed baby soap (30 grams) and salicylic acid (3 grams) into the water. Boil the mixture over a low heat, stirring until the pieces of soap completely dissolve. Turn off the fire and add to the solution turpentine turpentine (500 ml.), Mix thoroughly. Pour into the mixture camphor alcohol (20 ml.). The liquid must be cooled and poured into glassware, stored in a dark place.

Make a "yellow" solution. In a small saucepan pour a glass of castor oil and put it on a water bath. In parallel, prepare a solution of caustic soda – put on rubber gloves and pour distilled water into a glass flask (133 ml). Rotating the flask, pour into it 13,3 grams of caustic soda – continue rotating until the granules completely dissolve. Wait until the solution cools, then slowly and gently pour the contents of the flask into the castor oil – simmer the mixture slowly, stirring until thick. Add oleic acid (150 ml.) To the pan and stir until the formulation is liquid. Turn off the heat and add an 0,5 liter of turpentine. All mix and pour into a glass container.

Растворите нужную эмульсию в воде. Наполните ванну водой температуры 36-37оC. Взболтайте выбранную эмульсию (или смешайте обе), отмерьте 10-20 мл (для первой процедуры, затем можно увеличивать объем) вылейте в емкость с горячей водой и тщательно перемешайте. Раствор добавьте в ванну, помешивая и распределяя его руками по всему объему воды.

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