How to make a temporary henna tattoo

How to make a temporary henna tattoo
In ancient times tattoo applied to protect from evil forces. Today it is a kind of ornament, a sign of belonging to a particular subculture or just a tribute to fashion. But not everyone is ready to cover his body with signs and drawings, which will be difficult to remove when they get bored. In this case, you can make a tattoo henna – keeps from five to 14 days and looks chic.

You will need
  • – green henna
  • – ground coffee
  • – Black tea
  • – stencil or parchment paper
  • – ball deodorant
  • – brush
  • – lemon juice
  • – hot water
  • – saucepan
  • – olive oil
In such an important matter, it is better to be guided by the principle "Measure seven times, cut once". Therefore, how to do tattoo, even if temporary, we need to think it over carefully. Choose the place where you will apply it. Pictures from Henna look great on shoulders, ankles, hands. Find the right drawing – it can be a floral pattern, a Celtic motif, some ritual image, in a word, everything that you find appropriate and beautiful. Think about how you will apply henna – from the hand, on a ready-made stencil, to translate onto the skin from the parchment, and then connect the lines with a brush. For the first time, it's preferable to work with the template. Therefore, it must be prepared in advance.

If you have not bought a ready-made paste from henna, which consists of their powder of this herb and citric acid, prepare the coloring composition yourself. Boil 0,5 l of water, add to it 2 teaspoons of black tea and a same amount of ground coffee, cook for one hour. Sift 40 grams of henna (not the one that dye your hair, but green), slowly pour it into the broth, stirring constantly. Do not allow the formation of lumps, immediately rub them. You should get a mixture that looks like glaze. Add in it 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to the color of your tattoo was brighter. Put everything in the refrigerator for 3-5 hours.

When the solution cools down, you can begin to apply the tattoo. If you decide to work on a stencil – attach it to the place where you want to see the picture, and fill with brushes openings, coloring the skin. If you like working with parchment, then first apply it with water-soluble felt-tip pen the desired picture. Then lubricate the skin in the place of the future tattoo with a ball deodorant. Strongly attach the parchment to it with the side where there is a picture – it is imprinted. On the contours, apply chilled henna. By the way, you can not wash it off, you have to scrape it off, not immediately, but let it dry completely, then wipe with olive oil.

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