How to make a tattoo of henna

How to make a tattoo of henna
If you want to do tattoobut are not sure how it will look, will not you get tired – try a test version – drawing henna. It can be applied at home, and even if the result does not want to be fixed later in the present tattoo parlor, you will be provided with beauty for one or two weeks.

You will need
  • Хна, лимон, сахар, полиэтиленовый пакет
Prepare the paint. For the figure on the skin, a special powder (henna for volos not suitable). Take one tablespoon of henna and sift through a fine sieve. Pour it with the juice of one lemon and stir to make the mixture homogeneous, without lumps. Wrap the container with henna in a plastic bag so that there is no air in it, leave it at room температуре на 12 часов.

After this time, add composition одну чайную ложку сахара, тщательно размешайте. Консистенция готовой к использованию хны должна напоминать густую сметану или мед. Если она получилась слишком густой, разбавьте ее лимонным соком. Снова заверните емкость в пакет и оставьте еще на 12 часов.

Подготовьте кожу для нанесения рисунка. Удалите волоски (иначе рисовать it will be inconvenient, to remove the remains of paint – it hurts, and from the hair it will go longer than with the skin). Degrease the surface with alcohol or alcohol-containing lotion. If you apply рисунок For the first time, make a sketch for paperto imagine the final version. To apply to the skin, you can make a stencil – cut out the desired pattern in the film or paper and stick it on the skin with a band-aid. You can also draw a drawing right на коже фломастером на водной основе.

Take a small tight package, put the cooked henna in there and puncture the corner with the needle, through which you will squeeze out the paint. In addition, you can apply her syringe without a needle or toothpicks. Apply a thick enough layer. Lines that failed, immediately wash with a damp cotton pad.

Leave the drawing (if using a stencil, do not remove it) to dry from 1 to 5 hours. The longer it will dry, the more intense the color will turn out. After drying, open the stencil and clean off excess paint with a dry cloth.

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