How to make a tattoo at home

How to make a tattoo at home
Нательные рисунки, а попросту говоря – татуировки в настоящее время приобрели огромную популярность. Их наносят себе на кожу не только мужчины, но и женщины, а чаще молоденькие девушки. Сам процесс нанесения такой татуировки достаточно трудоемок, однако его можно провести и в домашних условиях.

Прежде чем решиться делать tattooing at home, you have to prepare for it comprehensively. Tattooing can be divided into three parts: preliminary preparation, actual drawing of a tattoo and posttraumatic rehabilitation of a skin.

During preparation, you must select a drawing, determine the color solution of the "tattoo" and its exact location. Remember: a tattoo is forever. She will stay with you and through 10, and in 20 years.

Objectively assess the professionalism of the tattoo artist. If the qualification of the master is low, then it is better to make a tattoo in domestic conditions on a less noticeable patch of skin.

The next task is the preparation of tools and materials. Quality – the main criterion when choosing a tattoo machine and pigments for tattoos. Do not forget about disposable needles and caps. Be sure to check if you are allergic to the paint.

Now take care of the light – it should be enough. Solve the problem with anesthesia. Determine whether you will adhere to the rule that beauty requires victims, or get an anesthetic spray.

Remember alcohol – it is strongly discouraged. With the use of alcohol, the vessels expand, the blood will perform more intensively and wash out the paint, which means that the quality of the drawing may suffer.

The application of the tattoo occurs in several stages:
– preparation of the skin: from the selected area, it is necessary to remove the hair, disinfect and degrease with an antiseptic, for example, перекисью hydrogen;
– нанесение рисунка: его можно нарисовать гелевой handle directly on the body, and if the pattern is complex, then you can use transfer paper and pencils;
– actually doing tattooing with a tattoo machine;
– Carrying out procedures after performing a tattoo: removing blood droplets and applying an anti-inflammatory compress.

Tattoos, unquestionably, are a great way to emphasize one's personality. But not always the owner of a steep tattoo craves for a masterpiece to remain on the body all his life. In the end, the tastes can change, the skin grows old, the pattern stretches and looks inappropriate. No problem, you can find a compromise solution! For example, do not make a permanent, but a temporary tattoo. It will be no less original and fashionable than usual. But it does not bother you. In addition, a temporary tattoo safe in application. It can be done in many ways: with the help of henna, a transfer stencil, airbrushing, even a rhinestone. Figures will be kept on the skin from one day to a couple of weeks.

The tattoo done with henna is perhaps the oldest of the temporary tattoos. Sacral patterns and intricate ornaments on the body began to draw in ancient India. Technology from the depths of the centuries came to the present, naturally, having lost a deep spiritual meaning. For henna tattoos henna henna, finely ground, will suit. Apply it to a clean and dry skin using a thin brush. Henna should be diluted with warm water to the state of gruel. So that your hand does not flinch, it is better to stencil or tracing paper. The resulting drawing will be burgundy or fiery red, very beautiful. It is resistant to water and will last about three weeks. And then you can apply a fresh pattern.

Today, there are a lot of special translated "tatushek" of various subjects on sale. They make it possible to embody all sorts of fantasies and attachments, since they are accessible, easy to handle and safe. If the transfer tattoo is good, high-quality, it will last for about a week. And then the remains can be scraped off with a hard washcloth. To decorate the body with a pattern is easy: choose a suitable place, attach a picture, and on top strongly press a damp cloth. It is necessary to hold no more than a minute, and then for about an hour not to allow the tattoo to touch the clothing.

Относительно новый и очень модный вид татуировок, которые можно наносить дома their own hands, это аэрография. Есть даже целое направление – боди-арт, когда тело украшают картинами нереальной красоты. Но можно ограничиться и одной татуировкой. Понадобится аэрограф – специальное устройство, которое заряжают водостойкой гипоаллергенной краской. Плоды такого творчества останутся на теле около семи дней. Удаляют их при помощи обычного медицинского спирта.

Tattoos can also be applied using rhinestones or special fluorescent paints. Only to begin with the body must be prepared by covering the desired area with special glue. He will help the crystals and paint last for 10-14 days. Unless, of course, you do not wash. If the tendency to cleanliness overpower – your tattoo – just a day or two

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