How to make a tattoo and not regret it

How to make a tattoo and not regret it
The art of tattooing goes back to antiquity, combining modern urban residents and Polynesian warriors, for whom the tattoo was a sacred ritual. For a modern person, a tattoo is one of the original and original ways of decorating the body and expressing oneself. If you decide to tattoo, remember that it will remain with you forever, so you need to take into account some of the nuances before deciding on a responsible step and stepping over the threshold of the tattoo parlor.

Beautiful and high quality tattoos attract attention, surprise and delight, and a bad tattoo can become a real nightmare for its owner. How to make the right choice and not regret the result?


Not always socium welcomes the presence of tattoos. If your work requires an official dress code and an appropriate social status, take care of choosing a place for tattooing in advance – it should be located so that it can easily be covered with clothing.


A quality artistic tattoo that will retain its appeal over the years is not an expensive pleasure. Do not trust inexpensive salons and masters who offer to make a cheap tattoo in handicraft conditions. Remember that the miser pays twice: having paid once to a bad master, you will get a substandard work, for whose correction you will later have to pay much more. Tattoo is an ornament that will be preserved on your skin for life. That's why the services of the master should not be saved.


The times when the tattoo must necessarily have had meaning, are a thing of the past. Today, drawing on the skin can be your personal symbol and have a special meaning, or maybe just a beautiful decorative element on the human body. However, this does not negate the fact that sketch of tattoo must be individual. It is not necessary to depict ready-made sketches on your body that are in the public domain – on the Internet or ready-made catalogs of tattoos. Ready images can be shown to the master in order to indicate your style and aesthetic preferences.

The final sketch must always be drawn from scratch – entrust this important task to the tattoo artist. Almost all masters are good artists, otherwise the master should not work. Also, one should never copy other people's finished works – this is a sign of bad taste. If you liked someone's finished sketch, ask your author for permission to use the sketch for your own purposes.


Pain is perhaps one of the main reasons why many people do not dare to make a tattoo. The process of drawing a picture on the skin can not really be called painless, but the pain is completely tolerable. Each person has an individual pain threshold. Someone's tattoo machine does not cause any discomfort, but someone must constantly endure unpleasant feelings.

If you are afraid of pain, avoid tattooing on painful areas – knees, elbows, ribs, arch of the foot. The closer to the bone, the more painful it will be to apply the pattern. In no event can one drink alcohol before a session for the purpose of anesthetizing or calming the nerves.


Each tattooist after the session gives detailed recommendations for the care of the tattoo. These recommendations must be carefully observed so that the work is not irretrievably corrupted. After applying tattoos, intense physical activity, a swimming pool, a sauna and a sauna, a solarium, and direct sunlight are contraindicated. Healed tattoo should be subsequently lubricated with sunscreen in hot weather, so that it does not fade. In this case, a bright and beautiful drawing will please you for many years.

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