How to make a tattoo

How to make a tattoo
A man since ancient times strove to decorate his body with various drawings. Today, the art of tattooing is intensively developing, offering all new technologies for drawing ornament.

tattoo are одноцветные, цветные, перекрывающие шрамы и ранее сделанные tattoo, as well as ultraviolet (in daylight they are indistinguishable, but become visible by the light of nightclub lamps). Also, tattoos are temporary, for example, caused by henna.

Permanent tattoo is necessary делать not handicraft masters, but in a licensed tattoo artist,salon, where one-time instruments are used. Temporary tattoos can be made both in salons beauty, and at home.

For tattooing at home you will need special pencils for tattooing – they contain pigments that are washed off after a couple of days. In order to prepare the paint, the following technology should be observed: boil half a liter of water, add two teaspoons of ground coffee and black tea. Then take the green powder henna (30-40 g), while remember that henna should be special – the one that is sold for coloring volos – does not fit! Slowly add the solution to the henna powder to a thick consistency. You can add a little lime juice – from this the color of the tattoo will become more intense.

Allow the paste to cool for three hours, and then proceed to apply the pattern with a thin stick, brushes or toothpicks.

To make the drawing beautiful and clear, you must draw its outline in advance with a felt-tip pen on a transparent film, and then attach it to the skin so that the imprint remains. He is then chickened twice at an interval of one hour. The hair on the place of the tattoo must be removed, otherwise the drawing will "swim". After drying, excess paint can be remove from the skin with a blunt knife.

Tatna from henna last from five to fourteen days. Experts advise buying henna only in licensed stores, otherwise you can stumble upon poor-quality paint, which can cause allergies. Also not recommended apply рисунок на одно и то же место чаще, чем раз в два месяца – кожа должна иметь возможность отдохнуть.

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