How to Make a Stylish Masculine Hairstyle

How to Make a Stylish Masculine Hairstyle
Today fashion for men's hairstyles is as diverse and changeable as it is for women. Men are allowed to wear hair of any length, texture and color. So now they are completely free to choose haircuts. But the haircut is, as you know, half the battle, after all it is necessary and at home to give it a sane form. So how to make a stylish men's haircut?

Short hair. With chronic lack of time – the most optimal option. True, it is impossible to fantasize, because the maximum that can be made from a short haircut, change the direction of the hair. In order, for example, to lay короткую fringe on the side or lift up, you need to resort to wax. He perfectly forms individual strands, sharp ends and copes well even with the most disobedient hair. If it is needed remove strand back, it is better to use the gel. Just do not get carried away, so as not to get the effect of a licked hairstyle. Many Men привлекают короткие стрижки именно из-за простоты ухода, тем не менее, далеко не всякому такая стрижка к лицу.

Medium length hair. If you are a retro-style lover, then a cook, like Elvis Presley, can be made with a small fleece and foam for styling. If you only need a retro style, then the silhouette of the coca can be emphasized by chaotic strands that perfectly form the wax. In addition, you can make a simulation of the coca up with a bang. If you are a classical lover, then you подойдет стрижка «боб». Укладывать ее также довольно просто: достаточно придать волосам направление от затылка – во все стороны without parting. It is possible to make a hairdress a hair to a hair: thus it is better to use penkoj for stacking and the hair dryer with a round nozzle-comb. You can make chaotic packing: with this mission, the gel or wax will perfectly handle. In the event that you are an extreme devotee, then the punk style hair is for you. Instead classical the sharp Iroquois can simply freely lay the strands of hair in the direction from the occiput to the forehead. Let them fall over your face. Help you in this wax and foam for the hair. Of course, the classical methods of laying the Iroquois with beer with sugar, nobody canceled, but then, in addition to the Iroquois, you will get a very specific smell.

Elongated hair. Most often this length is chosen men творческих профессий. Такую прическу можно носить с пробором и челкой или без. Придать прическе эффект легкой растрепанности поможет жидкость для укладки (спрей) или воск. Челку можно уложить на лицо так, чтобы она закрывала один глаз. Только пробор при этом не нужен. Волосы нужно уложить по направлению от затылка ко лбу, выделив прядки воском. Можно сделать ровный пробор посередине и, слегка сбрызнув руки жидкостью для укладки, remove hair back, as if stroking himself from the ears to the back of his head.

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